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2) How can geologists use a rock cycle diagram?

A to predict what will happen to a rock that is exposed to certain conditions

B to identify the different types of rocks that are found around the world

C to find out if the same kinds of rocks are found on different planets

D to study how materials move through Earth’s different layers

6. The fossil record provides evidence of all the following except the

A environments in which organisms lived

B genes of past life forms that are now extinct

C past climates of different regions

D extinctions of many kinds of organisms

15. Geologists classified organisms in the fossil record and arranged them in order from earliest to latest. The geologists found evidence that

A most present-day organisms have existed without change for billions of years.

B there are fewer kinds of organisms today than there were in the past.

C organisms have evolved, or changed over time.

D few organisms have become extinct during the Cenozoic Era.

16. What happens when an unstable element undergoes radioactive decay?

A The particles in the atoms rearrange themselves, but no new elements are formed.

B The atoms of the element break down to form atoms of another element.

C The atoms of the element fuse together.

D The element absorbs energy from the environment.

17. There is evidence that during the Carboniferous period, parts of North America had a warm, tropical climate and were covered with swampy forests of giant ferns and trees. One main type of evidence for this is

A present-day swamps

B fossils of insect-eating birds

C dinosaur fossils

D present-day coal deposits

29. What events do geologists use to divide geologic eras?

A ice ages

B extinctions

C evolution of new species

D billions of years

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    2. a

    6. d

    15. c

    16. a

    17. b

    29. c

    Source(s): Wikipedia, and my miraculous head
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