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what are the genotypes of eye colors?

I have a pedigree chart and im using eye colors and need to know about the genotypes. Help??

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  • 8 years ago
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    Eye colors do not have genotypes because they are not the result of individual alleles. There are at least 8 genes that are known to influence eye color, because they affect the type of melanin produced, how much melanin is produced, and how it is deposited in the layers of the iris. Gene-gene interaction means it is almost impossible to predict eye color inheritance. For example, green eyes are variations of both brown and blue. About the only thing that seems to be valid is that "dark" eye colors are dominant to "light" eye colors.

    If you want to do a human pedigree, use a one-gene trait, like PTC tasting, tongue-rolling, widow's peak, or earlobes...

    Source(s): Forty years teaching Genetics
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