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Why Canada is better than the USA.?

After doing some research from many truly reliable sources I found many different facts. The following is why Canada is better. Canada has more mixed races, lower crime rate, higher life expectancy, lower crime rate, far lower national debt, uses less Fuel per capita,more Forest and wooded land, Larger fresh water deposits, lower death and birth rate, more percentage of atheists (not that it's bad after all I'm catholic), More variety of languages and religion, more immigration, less population, lower government spending( not because of lower population but in general), Canada is more democratic, you might say, no it isin't, how? Well first it's rated higher in the democratic index and you actually have a voice and the government listen's somewhat to you. It's also a FAR more peaceful nation, you retire one year earlier, lower taxes, more excepting(races, sexual orientation and gender), and the best part of all! Lower drinking, voting and gambling age 18vs 21 and lower movie ratings for example a movie rated 18+ in USA is rated 14+ in canada. So just wanted to clear things up with everyone bashing canada, now I'll say why the USA is better than Canada:more media and entertainment, larger military, more powerful, more well known, and you can own a gun( debateable for good or bad). Any comments that have information other than the done American that would bash Canada with a stupid answer are greatly appreciated. I think I touched every subject, however if I didin't please enlighten me. Thank-you.

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    Ahha Canada! I dont know much about it but hears what I know. It is the largest, northernmost state of the "United" States of America, also known as America's Frosted Hat, Soviet Canuckistan, America's Wacky Colorful Comic-Relief Next-Door Neghibors, Soon to be the 51st State but more commonly known as "Oops, this isn't Michigan!". The United Nations has managed to narrow it down further to not only north of the U.S. but also up, eh? Canada is the USA's largest national park, and tourist attraction. Canada is commonly accepted as a county in Montana.

    The average winter temperature is -40 degrees Fahrenheit, while in summer the average temperature is -40 degrees Centigrade. Prior to 1967 (the year Canada officially became part of the Almighty States of America) 93% of all permanent structures within Canada were igloos and snow forts.

    To answer the question the entire world is asking, yes, Canada has an Army, and no, Canada doesn't know about it. Canadians are known for their peacefulness and politeness in distressing situations, such as during a war or hockey playoffs. The world looks to Canada for international peace-keepers, since they possess no weapons other than snow shovels, and their jovial accent and flannel clothing are comforting.

    The unanimously agreed upon capital of Canada is Toronto, although a small number of government offices are located in the far less important city of Ottawa. Proposals made entirely and only by Torontonians have been made to move said offices to Toronto, but have yet to be approved. The city has considered separating from the country because of this. The rest of Canada, meanwhile, continues to think that Toronto "blows" and that the city's curling team, the Leafs, "suck".

    The USA sees Canada as America's gay half cousin, (although Canada sees the USA as its fully retarded, fat-*** cousin.) Canada and the USA share a common grandmother, that being England, but while America's grandpa was apparently Satin, Canada's was HEYZEUS. (Either way, both countries share a slut for a grandmother.) While gay cousin Canada may not be able to throw the ball as far as its "cool" straighter, widely accepted America, Canada can at least find itself on a map (of course, Canada finds itself by locating the USA and going north, much like Mexicans find America by locating Mexico and going north).

    Well now that I've shown my extensive knowledge through the use of comic relief/ humor let me seriously answer this.

    1. Your "question" is completely subjective, and so I cannot answer your question of why YOU think its better.

    2. Just because Canada has more mixed races means nothing. Europe is nearly all white and yet it is a wonderful place.

    3. Americans have an extremely high standard of living.

    4. America offers opportunities (for life in general) in fashions that no other country in the world does.

    5. Crime rates are dependent upon which city you are referring. Really. America has LOTS of huge cities which means that there are more people to commit crime...

    6. Actually America has the number one economy on the face of this planet, thank you very much.

    7. Oh wow! A life expectancy by what? half a year? a year? big dif

    8. We aren't perfect. We have debt. But guess what? we are working on it and we are STILL way better than Greece.

    9. America has a huge bustling, economy, and flourishing cities. Therefore it is only natural that more fuel is needed. Not only that but America is pretty large country and poeple need to travel from big city to big city.

    10. Having more forests does not make a country better. Also considering that Canada is bigger its only natural. Not only that, but us is MUCH more populated, so with that into consideration, we are in pretty good shape. Also we almost have more than Canada, in fact we are just barely behind. so go suck it, Canadian

    11. Well no duh Canada has more lakes... I fail to see how that makes one country superior to another.

    im not even going to argue the rest because your "points" are becoming rather dull, and to be perfectly honest, not even true. To be honest you should focus on YOUR countries problems not Americas. And work on that dreaded accent of yours, will you? (eh)

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    Canada is just a hat for the US.

    Speak against gays in the church, or any other people group in a public setting, and you wind up in jail. How free is that?

    Ha ha, lower drinking age. Many children have more wisdom and self-control than a 30 year old.

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    Well Canada isn't better then america.I'm not saying Canada is horrible but its not as good as america

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    Because Canada is more free and independent. That's why they put another country's monarch on their currency.

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    Because Canada's conservatives are not nuts.

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    Not overrun by mexicans.

  • If you don't mind socialist & liberals everywhere.

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