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What was Valentine's Day like when you were in grade school?

I grew up in the 1950's in California (United States). About two to three days before Valentine's Day, the teacher distributed color paper, paper dollies, glitter, etc. so we designed our own Valentine cards. The teachers were sufficiently wise to ensure that each child got at least one Valentine card and that no child was left without a card. Still, I was very envious of some popular classmates who received more than a dozen Valentine cards (I wasn't popular, so I usually got one card on Valentine's Day).

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    In the 50's and 60's I attended Los Angeles City Schools and I can only remember having one teacher who did it the same way you described in your opening statement. Most of the time, as I remember it, the teacher sent home a notice with each student one week prior to the big holiday and it had to be signed by the parent/guardian and returned the next day. By the following day, anyone who did not return it, got sent to the office.

    We were required to bring signed Valentines that were put into their envelopes and each card had to have the name of each classmate written/printed on the front and it HAD to be sealed. The boxes each had 25 cards and envelopes in them for under a dollar. The class size never exceeded 25!

    The teacher had us each make a big envelope with decorations on it and we placed a card in each envelope as we walked by the desk of every one of our classmates. Then we would start the party and eat goodies and get giddy and clean up and go home! The teachers paid for it all. We paid for the cards and no one ever went without. If someone came up short - the teacher had a few extras hiding in her desk that she would slip into the hand of the child who came up short while passing out the tiny cards.

    Only a few children made their Valentines. We often made fun of them for doing so. I wish we could have been nicer to the kids that were different in those days....but we were cruel to those Mormon kids who wore long skirts and had their hair in a bun all of the time and had to leave the room when we had a movie on. I never much cared for this Holiday because the boys gave the popular girls special Valentine Hearts with chocolate and special gifts from home....then they made fun of us unpopular girls. It was a strange pecking order. Odd memory of those sugar filled days! Thanks!

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    In the 60's it was usually the mass-produced Valentines and either homemade cupcakes or bakery cupcakes with a little plastic decoration in it. Some of the Valentines had a sucker or a few candy hearts stuck in them. In 3rd grade we made a "Post Office" with paper bags for mail boxes and had a big party planned with sweets and all kinds of fun for all a farm town was in Nebraska and had less than 200 people so basically there wasn't a lot of academic stuff at that school. It would have been about the funnest day of the year except it was so dog-gone cold that day. Before the party even got started the teacher announced that it had gotten lower than -20 F. degrees and a state law said we had to go home since anything lower would risk our lives if the school buses died on the way home. So we grabbed our Valentines and got on the buses thinking we would pick up the party the next day. Nothing doing, it was school as usual with the boys doing "monkey shines" to rile the teacher.

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    I have similar memories of Valentine's Day then also only our teacher made sure we made a valentine for each classmate in our school. This was a one room country school so there were not many kids, but it was an event we all looked forward to. All Holidays were special events in that school because I can also remember having school plays at Christmas in the evening when everyone's parents attended (back in the day before divorces).

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    When i was in grade school, we made a big box and decorated it for valentines day. we usually use construction Paper and crepe paper. we though it was beautiful! We bought or made our cards at home. We could buy a book of valentines for about 10cnts. We had to cut all of them out with scissors, but that was fun to us back then. We had to give a valentines to all the kids in our class in school. playing favorites was forbidden. I use to take Valentines to other classes as I had cousins in those classes and had to give them a valentine. My boy cousins, would give me one but I usually got my valentine from them at home. They did not want to be called a sissy by their buddys, if they gave their little cousins one at school.

    We would have a party with cupcakes, cookies, a soft drink of some kind and Valentines hearts with sayings on them. We usually had 3 party's a yearHalloweenn, Christmas and Valentines day. Then we had a summer picnic at the end of the school year. These were big events to us kids, as this was pretty much before TV took over our entertainment,

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  • I remember making Valentine Cards for my parents and then we had to buy Valentine cards for the kids in the classrooms every year until I went to Junior this day they still do that..I just helps with my grandson on Sunday with the folding of the cards, they are a bit different too..=)

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    I was in grade school in the 1940s and the valentines weren't in books to cut out or in a pre-packaged bunch as they later were. They were loose in separate little bins on the counter at the 5 and dime store and you would select them individually. There were lots of penny ones,(and maybe 2 for a penny, too..not sure). I know, though, that if you paid a nickel for one, it was really big and nice! I remember one year we had to decorate our individual boxes at home and bring them to school. Another year we had one large decorated box at school and all the valentines were put in it with the names on them and they were passed out and put on everyone's desk. I, like you, received far less than the "popular" kids. We also had cookies and punch or "Polly-pop" (that was what we had before Kool-aid) that the home-room mothers brought for us. It was fun, but I was a little embarrased to get fewer valentines than a lot of the others.

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    When I was in grade school (which actually wasn't that long ago,) we used to bring shoeboxes or paper bags to decorate with hearts and glitter, so the kids could have something to put their valentines in. And then on Valentines day, all the kids were required to bring valentines for everyone, and pass them out. Then we would play games and eat treats. :) Oh, good times....

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    little one room school house, it was even red. :) My mom was the teacher, and we made them, and made the shoebox to put them in. I don't remember any unpleasantness at Valentines day. And I was not a popular kid. But my mom was the kind of teacher firmly in control and she would have made sure everyone got some. No treats though. I do remember the candy hearts. We'd glue them into the valentine.

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    When i was in grade school in the late 60 we had parties with sweets and cool - ade and got to hand out store bought valentines.

    The teacher would also hand out a list of names to all of the kids and everyone got the same amount of card.

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    In the 1960's, we were allowed to buy Valentine's Day cards and give them out to almost every one in the class. It was a lot of fun.

    In the 1980's, my son faced a world where ONLY carnations were given out, by paying the school $5 per carnation, to very few people. Most of the kids got nothing.

    The world changes. We have to just accept it.

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