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Flywheel battery on electric car?

How efficient is it to use a flywheel battery for an electric car? Can flywheels store more energy? Will it shorten charging time? Will tilting the flywheel, like on hills, drain the energy too quickly?

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    Flywheels have been used in motor vehicles. There was a flywheel bus developed in Switzerland and then adopted to England about 50 years ago. It would spin up at stops. They tend to be used in situations where rapid charge and discharge is a positive (regenerative braking) but tend not to hold a great deal of energy. (like capacitors: power density is high but energy density is low)

    There are a number of problems with flywheels in moving vehicles. First is the gyroscopic effect. No matter which way you orient a flywheel it is going to want to point in the same direction. This can be mitigated by having 2 flywheels spin in opposite directions.

    Flywheels can be made to "charge" rapidly as spinning them up can be done effectively and quickly. Most modern high capacity flywheels will spin at high speeds rather than have a massive flywheels. They do this with the assistance of a vacuum and magnetic bearings. Such flywheels are made of strong composites, but require a containment system against potential failure. A flywheel energy storage plant (FES) owned by Beacon Power has suffered 3 flywheel failures out of 200. This is OK for a stationary plant which can maintain full power and use concrete bunkers for containment but would be unacceptable for a motor vehicle that would have less redundancy and require a different, lighter containment system.

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    there's a regulation of conservation of power that asserts that for the period of a closed gadget, for the sake of argument your proposed vehicle, power is conserved. it quite is not created or destroyed yet transforms from one subject to a diverse. oftentimes there are losses to issues like friction and warmth. To get your vehicle began takes extra power than to maintain it going. you may attempt this for your self in case you have ever tried to push something heavy. First you may desire to over come inertia after which you purely have friction to guard. in case you supply up pushing friction will sluggish your heavy weight to a supply up somewhat rapidly. as quickly as we placed wheels on our heavy weight we shrink friction. If we placed paper enjoying cards interior the spokes of the wheels we would upload friction. Any device that ideas up power from a shifting vehicle provides friction. The useful is used alright to create regenerative braking. If this weren't the case we could connect one among those device as you recommend to the wheels of a vehicle and it may desire to circulate on continually... continually. performance woud be better than one as you may get extra power out of the gadget than you put in ... you would be starting to be power. yet unluckily the regulation of conservation of power says that that's not the way our universe works.

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