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What is wrong with the Republican party ?

You can vote them out of office ( Santorum by 18 points , the largest point spread by any setting Senator ) , you can run them out of office for their corruption ( the Gingrich removed by his own party for his corruption ) but they pop back up ... Would the Democrats run John Edwards ? They are harder to get rid of than dandelions .

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    They are self serving and don't want to serve the Nation. At the risk of repeating myself, The Neocon Agenda is all about Big Government and The Noble Lie that the citizen is to sacrifice for the Wars to keep our Country free of the Evil Menace of the Muslim. There are actually some people that do need assistance and the system could be adjusted easily to accommodate the ones who need it if there weren't so many leeches out there waiting to suck these funds dry. Not just the Welfare recipients but those who commit Medicare and Medicaid Fraud. Which in fact causes a greater drain on the economy than the actual pay out to those in Need.

    They keep throwing around the word entitlement and socialism till you forget the original meaning of each word.

    They are not interested in peace and joy but in perpetual anxiety over how to rip off everything in every way possible.

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    Everything's wrong with them.

    They oppose necessity, progress, and equal civil rights.

    They also blame Obama for the economy and the unemployment, yet fail to show ANY evidence that Obama caused it to happen and not Bush.

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    For whatever reasons, they seem very inept, very confused, and very desperate.


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