how to register a patent law for fashion design?

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I have an idea and i would like to have it register as patent worldwide can someone help me out to understand what is required to register it? , it's related to fashion i also like to know where i can find document that i can give to the lawyer who doing it so he cannot take my idea any advice?

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    8 years ago
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    Fashion designers never patent or copyright their designs because they are not interested in fighting each other. They simply design new things faster than thieves can steal the ideas.

    Some inventors never patent their inventions because they make more money selling pamphlets on how to duplicate their results than they would by filing suits for infringements.

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    There are THOUSANDS of fashion design related patents.. Here is just one..

    The document you need to give a lawyer is actually something you would give to the USPTO... Let me show you the ENTIRE process...

    Do you know about the Provisional Patent Application? It only costs $125 and was designed by Congress to give individual inventors a chance at bringing their inventive ideas to market easily. It is SUPER EASY to do..

    To see the top 10 reasons to file a Provisional Patent Application please watch the second video in this blog.

    If a provisional patent application looks like the right thing for you to do then take a look at another website that shows EXACTLY how to file one using a video format.

    If you need to know how to get your product sold on TV or to Costco, or Home Depot, or Target and the like then you might also enjoy reading this information by the Ginsu Knife guy! It is pretty cool. He gives you all his contacts and personal email!

    Of course you could ALSO just go to the US Patent Office and figure out how to file a patent yourself. Here is the link..

    The flow chart there is pretty nice to give you an idea how to do what you want to do!

    Their patent search is hard to use and you need special programs to look at the patents… Instead, consider using Google Patent Search!

    Here is how you can use Google Patent Search to search for an "Oscillating inertial microbalance"

    Just type the term you want to search for in the search box. Play with MANY variants of your inventive idea.

    Also, for a more global patent search look here:

    Remember... Patents are MOSTLY "Improvements" on other inventions.. So, while you may see something SIMILAR to your inventive idea it does not mean that you cannot patent your IMPROVEMENT.. Example... A tire is an IMPROVEMENT on a wagon wheel. A radial biased ply tire is an IMPROVEMENT on a non radial biased tire. There are over 10,000 patents on tires... Nearly every single one is an improvement!

    And… a special gift for you is a sample Non Disclosure (also called an NDA) that you would have folks sign when you show them your inventive idea. You can change it up and use others but if you have NOTHING now it is a very good start written by my lawyer who charged me a TON for it!

    For EXTRA credit take a look at getting a free website widget here. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING. Just use the FREE widget thing.. It will allow you to put adverts to eBooks on nearly ANY subject. If you had a store that sells horse blankets then you would include a widget that featured an eBook on how to stop horses from biting! You get 50% of whatever book folks buy. Pretty nice!

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    Source(s): My source??? I have some patents...
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