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What is a "real woman??????"?

I hear this a lot. So-and-so looks like a "real woman." I think "average woman" is a better descriptor. After all, supermodels are just as much "woman" as is the stay at home mom of three in Dothan, AL.


baby - I see. So you don't wear makeup. You don't like to get dolled up before you go out for a night on the town and you'd never, ever considered plastic surgery for any reason.

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    Thank you. I just asked a question about it. I think they don't want to say average, slightly overweight women so they say 'real women' instead. This type of movement has to rely on demeaning others. It also strikes me as jealousy. Since they don't have the body or face, they have to insult those women on the 'real' quality.

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    "After all, supermodels are just as much "woman" as is the stay at home mom of three in Dothan, AL." - Exactly. A real woman is just someone who has the XX chromosomal setup.

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    One with a va gin a.

    EDIT: Why is vag-ina censored? Seriously Yahoo?....

    Also: Makeup is for clowns and plastic surgery are for Barbie Dolls. Trufax.

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    It is what each woman decides for herself.

    Ever thing else is just a saying projecting only what the speaker believes..

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  • I enjoy pounding a real woman hahaha <3

  • A ""real"" woman is someone who embraces her natural self, she is moral yet care-free, and can express herself openly. She can do as she pleases without having to worry that she "needs" to please someone. She walks with confidence, she is independent, and she knows what she wants/knows how to get there without deceiving anyone

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    A real woman would be a 9" tall transvestite with abnormal chest hair and a coke addiction.

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    A human being with two X chromosomes.

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    When you start adding plastic, photoshop and make up and such they are not real anymore..

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    megan fox

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