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Which of these can I disable from my window startup?

I clicked this "check for performance issue" in the Control Panel, and a box came up asking me if I want to disable these things from the Window Startup. I'm clueless which one I should part with. Here they are:

ELAN Smart+Pad (I use wireless mouse most of the time but once in a while I use the touch pad)

HD Audio Background Process from Realtek

Intel PROSet/Wireless

Intel PROSet/Wireless WiMAX Connection Utility (I never used this WiMAX)

Microsoft Windows Script Host (the command is wscript.exe .....nologo.... whatever)

Microsoft Windows Operating System (It's sidebar.exe/autoRun ... blah blah blah)

Software Manager from Acresso Corp.

Microsoft Windows Operating System (it's cmd.exe thingy....bomgar-somthing)

Wireless Console 3 from unknown (but it has ASUS somewhere in the command)

Also, how can I get rid of ASUS update window? Always pops up when I start Windows. Annoying. The Operating System is Windows 7, btw.


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    Remove from startup : ELAN, HD Audio, Microsoft Windows Script, Sidebar, Sofware Manager, cmd. The Wireless Council is okay to leave as a startup item. You can change rather to view that in an icon (by the clock) or select to not be shown by clicking on the arrow (by the clock) then click "Customize" to view ASUS' list of items you can control to be shown includung the ASUS Update icon/window. This is a nice and handy feature. Also, Be sure to click on the ASUS update balloon/pop ups. They are very reliable and useful should any updates be ready to install. Install all the Updates. I recommend an easy way to <manualy> control startup items... Navigate> click the "Start"(Button), type msconfig into the box. msconfig will show. Click on it or tap the enter key. In the (tab) General, select "Selective Startup". Then click (tab) Startup. View all the items. Look up each item here > to confirm rather or not neccessary to startup with computer. Spell same. Antivirus must remain to startup with computer. There may be items on Startup can be launched manualy as needed therefore uncheck the box to stop the startup. When making changes to the System Configuration Utility, a window will pop up to remind you a change has been made in the System Configuration Utility>>> after restart. Check the box to stop the reminder.

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    I have a amazing program every computer user should have. It's called "TuneUp" it's a separate program from AVG.

    Here is the link:

    Once you get this program, everything you ever need done to speed up your computer or turn off programs from your start-up list. You can go into "Disable start-up programs" part of the tool and it shows the importance of each start up program! So you can see what your system needs more than other programs!

    Check it out, it's what I use. Also if you disable a program with TuneUp and you need to use the program again, you just have to run the program and TuneUp automatically enables them again.

    I hope that helped, it's what I use and it's amazing for everything!

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  • 4 years ago

    Acresso Software Manager

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