What movie is this? I can't remember the name!?

Black and white movie.. from the 60s maybe? All I remember is a man ends up on a bus with a bunch of women.. they are on a trip somewhere and I believe the bus gets stuck or breaks down. The man knows a hotel nearby, his friend (a woman) owns it so they trek up a big hill to stay at the hotel. The hotel is closed and has no current guests. The man ends up sleeping with or heavily flirting with a young blonde girl off the bus.. I believe the people on the bus are with a church or something religion-related? I believe there is some singing in the movie too.. Anyone know what I'm talking about??

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  • 9 years ago
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    Title: 'The Night of the Iguana' [1964] - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0058404/

    Director: John Huston

    - Cast -

    Richard Burton ... Rev. Dr. T. Lawrence Shannon

    Ava Gardner ... Maxine Faulk

    Deborah Kerr ... Hannah Jelkes

    Sue Lyon ... Charlotte Goodall

    Skip Ward ... Hank Prosner ( billed as James Ward )

    Grayson Hall ... Judith Fellowes

    Cyril Delevanti ... Nonno

    Mary Boylan ... Miss Peebles

    Plot Summary for 'The Night of the Iguana' [1964]


    'When American minister Reverend T. Lawrence Shannon is expelled from his Virginia church, he travels to Mexico in search of his destiny and sanity. There he becomes a tour guide for a bus load of spinsters and a teenage nymphet named Charlotte Goodall, who is being chaperoned by the group's leader, the inflexible Judith Fellowes. Miss Fellowes, who is quite jealous of Charlotte's attentions to Shannon, discovers the young woman in his room and vows to have him fired. To thwart her plot, Shannon takes control of the bus from Hank, the bus driver, and speeds the tour group on a wild ride through the Mexican jungle to the crumbling, secluded hotel of an old friend, the recently widowed Maxine Falk. Eventually Shannon becomes enamored with another guest at the hotel, the rather genteel Hanna Jelkes, an itinerant quick sketch artist and her poet grandfather Nonno. As the wise Hanna partially restores Shannon's fractured world, Shannon struggles to get back the rest of his sanity and his self-respect.'

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