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Looking for the Title and Author of book that is quite similar to Gone by Michael Grant?

I haven't read Gone by Michael Grant yet, but after reading the summary on the back it caught my interest but it also reminded me of a book i read when i was younger. I read this other book basically 9 years or so ago when i was in junior high. I do not remember what the title is or who the author is either, but i remember i loved reading that book.

The basic concept was that all the adults had died and only children survived, like Gone. But the main character was a girl and she and the group she lead took shelter in their local high school. There is a rival group that fights them and basically tries to kill the main girl, she has a younger brother and is in love with her best friend(that last part i think is right but not sure). Her best guy friend is basically her second in command and stuff but he wants to be a farmer at the farm house they found. At the end of the book, the girl gets shot in the stomach and is taken to that farm house to heal. This is where the best friend decideds to stay at the farm and she returns to the school once she got better.

Basically this book is older and was probably writen in either the 80's or 90's. If anyone can help me out and tell me the name of the book and/or author you would be my hero! I've wondered about this book for some years now, and have had no luck finding anything about it, so please someone help me.

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    The Girl Who Owned a City by OT Nelson

    "A deadly virus has swept the world, killing off everyone over the age of twelve in the span of a month or so. In suburban Chicago, ten-year-old Lisa Nelson and her younger brother Todd are surviving, like all the children in the story, by looting abandoned houses and shops. Although there are abandoned cars in every driveway and lining every street, Lisa is the first child to think of driving one. She is also the first to think of raiding a farm, and the first to look at the dwindling supplies in stores and deduce that groceries come from warehouses. She finds a supermarket warehouse and raids it, enlisting the help of a neighbor boy her own age, but makes clear to him that the entire warehouse and all its contents are her exclusive property, not to be shared unless she chooses.

    She considers relocating to the farm, but decides against it because it is difficult to defend (other children are starting to form gangs) and because "planning and getting the world back to the way it was, with schools, and hospitals, and electricity" are much more "exciting" than "hiding away on a farm ... digging in the dirt all day"..."

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