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Max asked in PetsRodents · 9 years ago

Is there anything I can do to help my pregnant mouse?

I have a mouse 2 1/2 weeks pregnant, and I set up a little nesting box that she enjoys. I was wondering if there is anything I can do to give her an easier time? Thank you.

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    Pregnant and nursing does require extra protein and fat in the diet. Food such as scrambled eggs, cooked chicken and puppy biscuits are some good choices. Remove any fresh foods after 2 hours, though, so they do not become rancid. TFM is an excellent mouse site with more suggestions on diet as follows:

    The nursery should be completely set up 1 week before the litter is expected, and freshly cleaned 2 days prior to birth. You may spot clean the cage after 3 days, but do not bother the nest itself. You should completely clean the cage after 1 week, but again leave the nest alone. The nest should be left intact until 2 1/2 to 3 weeks minimum. Some people even wait until the bubs are weaned and gender separated at 4 weeks old. ALWAYS remove the mother to a separate holding area such as a small bin set up with bedding, toys and food/water before any cleaning and any holding of the bubs until they are weaned. Details on nursey preparation follow:

    It is EXTREMELY important that you do not disturb the mother and her bubs for the first 3 full days (72 hours). It is disrespectful to "peek in" and bother them during this time. The result may be she gets so stressed she kills the bubs because she fears for their safety. TFM discusses care from birth through weaning below:

    (The section, "Are They Here Yet?" explains the importance of leaving the family alone for 3 days except for quietly and quickly changing the food and water.)

    TFM also has a forum with a "Reproduction" section that has a ton of information. The link is as follows:

    The bubs will need to be gender separated at 4 weeks to the day to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Also, all bucks MUST be housed alone as even siblings past the age of 4 weeks can and will fight, often until death. You can get help sexing the bubs at the link below, and read more on why bucks MUST be housed solo:

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    make sure the water bottle or dish is near the bed but cannot make the bedding wet and the food is close to her so she doesn't have far to go because the more she reaches the end of her pregnancy the less energy she will have

    keep an eye on her make sure she is cleaned out but stop cleaning her out at the last week b4 she is due

    and make sure she has little stress b4 and after the birth as stress can cause the mother to kill her babies

    good luck with you mum to be and all the best

    Source(s): I've been breeding hamsters and mice for a year now
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