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How to get skunk smell out of house?

So I got up this morning and let my lab out to go potty while I got dressed. I looked out the window a few minutes later and saw her rolling in the 3 inches of snow we got last night and realized my worst nightmare she'd been sprayed by a skunk! I had to let her in its to cold out and I had to leave for a doctors appt. So I put her in the laundry room and left. I will be gone a few hours and just know my house is going to reak! I plan on giving her a bath right sway with the peroxide and baking soda solution but what can I do about the house? I can't let it air out its like in the teens outside!

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    Try Pure Citrus. I hit a skunk and that its scent wowed the interior of my truck. I always use Pure Citrus in my home and tried it in the truck. It was wonderful.

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    Our lab did that 3 weeks ago and I still occassuonally smell skunk. )its 99 per cent better now. I think pet stores sell special shampoo too. Give the dog a bath. Listerine and masse.full also kill the odor too...but you can't put those on the dog. I used Listerine to wipe down places where the smell stuck to.and it worked. It's gross but you will smell the skunk. I still would crack Windows. Get febreeze candles or candles made for pet owner masking. Bake cookies.....

    Source(s): Odor lasts betwen 4-6 soa but gets better every day. It's very painful for the dog and she could have trouble seeing.
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