unreasonable accomidations with disabilities?


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    In employment, it is unreasonable when it alters the basic requirements of the job that can only be accomplished by one employee

    In employment, when the cost to provide the accommodation exceed the value of the work the employee does.

    In government entities, when it fundamentally alters the program being provided to others.

    In government or public entities, when a historical building has no means of providing access that does not compromise the historica nature of the building.

    In public buildings, when the cost to make a building accessible exceeds the reasonable expected return the business will receive.

    In all cases, when a more affordable or less invasive accommodation exists that is reasonably similar in outcome.

  • 9 years ago

    Anybody can ask for too much. When a person starts to interfere with everyone else on the job it is unreasonable. It is also a bit much when someone asks for things they know are highly expensive only to break it over and over again and not thinking of others. When going in public people with disabilities should not expect everyone to give a handout.

    Asking for things that are not necessary to full fill a job or full fill a daily routine is unreasonable.

  • 9 years ago

    Go get disabled!!! Then you will rethink your stupidity.

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