How to get rid of Carpet beetles?

We have had carpet beetles for about a year now. We moved two months ago to try to get away from them and we still have them. We even packed very carefully. I find about 2 or 3 a day and they have all been in the kitchen and utility room. I am a very neat person. I vacum twice a week. Keep my my house spotless and we still have them. We even got terminiix contract and they can't even get rid of them. I just had them spray a few days again for like the 10th time or more and the very next day there is one crawling around the area that has been sprayed. We have both the larvae and the beetles. I just started seeing the beetles. It has been almost a year when I first noticed the beetles and then I thought they went away after they sprayed then only to find a few months later all the larvae crawling around. Thier skins in my drawers and in my closet and in the pantry around the baseboards.. basically everywhere and thats when I had terminix treat a bunch of times for them not to go away. I am very frustrated by this. We packed so carefully not to take any with us and unless wse got that unlucky and got a house with them already we brought them with us. Also I may add this is a brand new house that we are the first tenants to live in. It has been sitting new for 2 years. I don't know what to think about this or how to get rid of them completly. I can not find a source. They seem to be more widespread and in random places and we are about to have a newborn anyday now and I dont want these bugs around when she is here. It is a nightmare and all I do is look for these bugs all day and its ruining my life. Its making me so depressed and angry. Someone please help! How do you get rid of these things once and for all?

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    Inspect all food products stored in your pantry or food storage area. Every single product that contains flour, especially bread flour and whole wheat flour (the worst) should be inspected. Also, cake mixes, corn meal, cereals, spices, dry dog food, bird food and bird seed, ANYTHING that is a dry grain based product must be inspected. Open the container and pour the contents into a large bowl and inspect for beetles. If you find any evidence of beetles, throw that product away immediately, and if recently purchased, take it back to the store and get your money back.

    Completely empty the pantry or food storage area, the vacuum and clean like crazy! Make sure that there are no food crumbs anywhere and that the entire area is **** and span.

    Replace any old or worn shelf liners with NON-STICK shelf liner. Do not use newspaper or paper period. Always use something you can wipe down with a wet towel and clean. Sticky shelf liners are are perfect food source for many pests including cockroaches.

    Spray the cracks and shelf corners with an insecticide such as Demon WP, Demand or Gentrol Aerosol. Products such as Ultracide, while labeled primarily for fleas will do an excellent job of killing flour beetles and also provide the insect growth regulator that keeps the immature beetles from developing.

    After the shelves have dried, replace all food items. Make sure that you have thoroughly inspected all foods, bags, boxes, etc. The only thing you don't have to inspect are canned goods.

    Use monitors and traps such as the EcoSafe "Sticky" Bug Trap or a trap with a phermone (sex attractant) such as the Pro Pest Moth and Beetle trap. Place these traps on shelves directly next to suspect food and do not hang them or put them in areas where the beetles would have a hard time getting to them. hope this help's!

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    Getting Rid Of Carpet Beetles

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    I Am Going Through Same Thing! Did You Get Rid Of Them? How?

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    Vacuuming around the baseboards real good will pick up the larvae and bugs. And using the vacuum everyday will pick them them up.

    If they are in the pantry, washing the shelves off with soap and water, paying attention to the corners and edges will kill them. Spray is not needed. They can be in pet food. If they are in the food, putting new food in sealed containers will keep them out of it.

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    No matter how clean and tidy the place is, there may still be some of them. Remember that they like warmth and moist places, and are attracted to rubbish, where they can feast.

    I have this problem myself, but I don't want to terminate them, they are still living creatures like us. I would just recommend to keep the place clean and tidy, try to avoid leaving food and drink around, and spray some air freshener. They might not live that long, or they might move somewhere else.

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