Politically-Speaking, why doesn't Liya Kebede look like Halle Berry? They claim to Black?


Also, which one is prettier?

Update 2:

As a fashionista, to me, Liya Kebede is prettier...

Update 3:

Derek: To be honest, although you're correct about Liya, the reason you prefer her is because she's more socially acceptable. Africans and other "foreign-born" Blacks are typically considered "exotic." They are rarely thought of in the same context as native-born (Black-Americans). Therefore, dating/marriage does not carry the same stigma.

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  • Derek
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    9 years ago
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    This isn't a political question.

    If you're asking me which I'd rather date/marry, and assuming that they were closer to my age (21) I would rather date Liya.

    I think she's more beautiful, for some reason. It may be that she's tall and Halle isn't. And I'm kind of really into legs. Not so much hips and all that good stuff really. Legs, eyes and teeth are what I look at. (I'm white, so that may just be something we mainly observe or something. Is it?)

    Halle clings onto one part of her ethnic background, and acts as if the other doesn't play a role in her beauty. She's beautiful, and I don't understand why she says the things she does about race. It's just strange.

    EDIT: While I do believe you make some valid points about our culture and all, that's not really my style. While I'm sure my family and likely hers wouldn't be too pleased (if I were to date a black America woman). But if I thought she was attractive, liked her or really felt something for her, I would defiantly do it regardless of the stigma. Breaking the cultural barriers for someone (a hypothetical someone in this case) that I care about would defiantly be worth it.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    That Kebede chick looks like she could use a fried chicken or two. Ms. Berry looks healthier.

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