What is the difference between a Sith and a Dark Jedi?

In the Jedi Apprentice series Xanatos is a Dark Jedi (he started out as a Jedi but turned to the dark side) and Dooku from the movies is a Sith (but he started out as a Jedi too and turned to the dek side)

So what's the difference??

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    The Sith originally were the fallen Jedi who rebelled against the Jedi order resulting in the Hundred Year Darkness. These fallen Jedi rejected the idea of avoiding the darkside of the force and wanted to encompasss the force as a whole. These fallen Jedi were expelled from Republic and known space; sent into exile never to return by the Jedi Order and Republic.

    The fallen Jedi travelled through uncharted space until they found the planet of Korriban on which they settled. Over the next hundreds of years they intermingled with the native species of Korriban; the Sith. Through breeding and force magic the fallen Jedi and Sith become one and the same and their Empire expanded across those uncharted parts of the Galaxy.

    Eventually explorers from the Republic stumbled across the Sith Empire which lead to the Great Hyperspace war in which the Sith invaded the Republic. At the end of the war the Sith Empire was destroyed and the remainents of the Sith fled the Galaxy.

    They later returned and over thousands of years battled the Jedi and Republic for rule of the Galaxy until they were defeated roughly a thousand years before Episode I The Phantom Menace at the Battle of Ruusan. After the battle Darth Bane brought about the 'Rule of Two' that there would from now on only be one master and one apprentice at anytime. The Sith would work from behind the scenes to get revenge against the Jedi and destroy the Republic. This plan was realized when Palpaltine destoyed the Jedi Order and formed the Republic into the Empire.

    Count Dooku was indeed a Jedi but was also a Sith because he was a member of the Sith order. He was taken as Darth Sidious's Apprentice. Darth is a title that only the Sith use. With the defeat of Darth Sidious at the Battle of Yavin the true Sith ceased to exist as the line of unbroken succession was broken.

    Besides the Sith there are many Dark Side cults and users of the Dark side including Dark Jedi which tends to be the blanket name for a fallen Jedi or a force user that may seek to emulate the Sith. There have been many cults that were inspired by the Sith and sought to be like the Sith.

    So a Sith is a member of the ancient Sith cult. A Dark Jedi is a dark side user and both rarely have much to do with each other. The Sith would consider a Dark Jedi as a small timer and often just another obstacle that needs to removed on the road to power and revenge.

    Xantos was called a Dark Jedi because he had nothing to do with the Sith, infact the Jedi believed the Sith extinct after the Battle of Ruusan. I doubt that Darth Sidious cared or even knew who Xantos was.

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    Dark Jedi Vs Sith

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    Dark Side are not officially part of the Sith Order but may also follow the Dark Side. Some self proclaim themselves Sith and start small Sith orders, then they are no longer Dark Jedi. Some Dark Jedi are still part of the order but not exiled yet. They are also called Fallen Jedi. Dooku was not a Dark Jedi because he was under Palpatine and joined the Sith.

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    Dark Jedi

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    Sith: A term used to describe a heirachy/order; IE, sith lord

    Dark jedi: A jedi who is part of the "dark" side; IE jedi's can be a multitude of persons, but dark is a classification of his/her faction

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  • 5 years ago

    But, one could also argue that not all Sith are "Evil" according to this article... ( They are predominately "Evil", but the Sith use their "emotions", ( passion, love, fear, anger, etc, etc... ) to "tap" into the "Force" ... ( This is at least what I have come to read and understand... )

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    nothing they're both fictional

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