Does this seem like a good short story idea?

We have to read these in front of the class, which makes me ten times more self conscious about my writing. It's a creating writing class, and this assignment is on characterization- you have to come up with a situation and then create four interesting characters to describe ("show, not tell" is the big point). I had initially started writing about a bar from a man's point of view- but considering I'm not of legal age and know zero about drinking/bars and I'm not a man, it didn't turn out as well as I hoped. My teacher said it was fine, perfectly appropriate, but I'm not comfortable reading it to the class.

It's due tomorrow but I can whip it up pretty quick. I thought maybe doing a "meet the boyfriend's family for the first time" thing, they're older, maybe in their twenties... But I have a pretty eccentric family and I thought I could base it off of that. Does that seem cliche or anything? ANY other ideas are greatly appreciated. :)

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    I think the idea of a bar and alcohol is a great idea. Just do a little research on a couple of sites aimed at students (eg or and search the alcohol and university sections. If you know any Uni students just ask them what their first few weeks were like in bars and clubs!

    The meet the parents sounds fine too. If you've ever a boyfriend's parents just talk about what happened and make up a few things.

    Other ideas could be alcohol or drug addicts, violent partners, cancer patients, rappers (a day in the life of Jay-Z would be brilliant in my view, but I'm a huge Jay fan!), soldiers, politicians.

    Whatever you do, make sure you're comfortable doing it, there is nothing worse than a student who hasn't prepared for a presentation. But from what you've written, you sound very capable of doing well. So best of luck!

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    I think your "meet the boyfriend's family" idea is a really good one. Go with that. (:

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    9 years ago

    you should go with the boy freind meets folks idea

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