GOSSIP GIRL.............?

what happend on the jan 24 and jan31 eps of GG. i missed them because the CW was out for 2wks. when i saw the feb6th ep i was like omg so much has happend in just 2 eps.

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  • 9 years ago
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    The two episodes you missed were "Father and the Bride" and "G.G."

    In "Father and the Bride"....

    Blair decides to throw herself a bachelorette party, but shady enemies who include Beatrice (guest star Roxane Mesquida), and her co-conspirator cousin Father Cavette, scheme to ruin and humiliate Blair, with an unknowing Chuck as their patsy, in order to prevent Blair's upcoming marriage by any means necessary. Meanwhile, Nate, with the distant assistance of Gossip Girl, finally discovers that Trip was responsible for the car accident that affected Blair and Chuck and he contacts William van der Bilt for help to expose Trip's scheme. Also, Serena and Dan continue their fake relationship to protect Blair while Dan becomes uncertain about writing again.

    In "G.G."...

    Blair's wedding day finally arrives, along with a vengeful Georgina Sparks and her co-conspirator husband who are determined to ruin Blair's wedding by any means necessary. Meanwhile, Serena decides that she has to tell Dan how she feels while Nate unknowingly meets the real Charlie Rhodes working as a waitress at the reception. Elsewhere, Chuck must decide whether or not to make a final grand gesture to show Blair how he feels until Blair's mother, Eleanor, approaches him to persuade him to stop the wedding. Blair's estranged father Harold, and her stepfather, Cyrus, try to get Blair to choose one of them to escort her down the aisle, while Louis' mother, Sophia, again tries to tell him that Blair is not, and never will be, trustworthy. During the wedding, Gossip Girl leaks a video which shows Blair confessing her love for Chuck. However, an interrupted wedding continues and Blair is officially declared the Princess of Monaco. However, at the reception, Louis reveals to Blair that the wedding stands as contracted and "a show", and their love does not exist, to which Blair reacts in distress and runs away with Dan. The identity of Gossip Girl's successor is revealed at the end of the episode as Georgina Sparks.

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