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smoking laws in Barbados?

I was browsing about the smoking laws in Barbados-what is that about police cruelty and excessive penalties. I do believe my vacation plans have just changed. My husband and I greatly respect keeping our habit away from those who do not, but what kind of vacation puts unrealistic expectations on the limitations of the enjoyment of our experience.

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    Barbados has one of the worst island governments in the Caribbean. Their arbitrary, Draconian, restrictive laws have been responsible for most of the boaters leaving Barbados and moving on to St. Lucia and other Caribbean islands. The only thing surprising is, how people still want to go there for vacation. For years, Barbados has been the finish line for the ARC.. the Atlantic Race for Cruisers, but the steering committee has now moved the finish line to St. Lucia because of the idiotic administration on Barbados... and it is costing Barbados millions of dollars. The only people who go to Barbados now are the ones who don't know what is going on with the tourist scene.

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    My boyfriend and had no problem when we where in Barbados with smoking. The ban is just in public places just as many countries do now, including Canada and parts of the USA.

    Barbados is a peaceful island with so much beautiful. I would say it is my favourite island in the Caribbean. I don't think the new smoking ban should keep you from visiting this island as really it will be not much different than smoking in the USA or Canada. And as you said you are respectful so you will have no problems.

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    people in public places have the right to not want your smoke around them. Respect the law, if your going to smoke, do it in your own area. Visit Barbados and enjoy the beautiful island and the wonderful water.

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    I guess we have to be sensitive to other people's taste because I might not like rock or heavy metal so would not like someone playing it real loud to disturb me so I have to think that others might not like Jason Mighty either. I tend to play my music very hard especially when it is a song that I like. I was coming through James Street one night and when I got by the police station a woman stop me and tell me she heard me from where she was. She told me it is an offense to play it so hard but I did not believe it. I thought I could play my stereo as hard as I like. She told me the next time she is going to report me. I hate smoke so am in full agreement if there is going to pass such law. Side-screen smoke kills and affects the non-smoker more that the smoker. I can't take it.

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    You can smoke but not in public places. You can do so in your hotel room, in the streets or on the beach but not in any public administration. We have to protect ourselves from second hand smoke which can do more damage to us than the smoker.

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