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How do you play against this type of player?

He's one of the strongest 4.0-4.5 players I know who wins the majority of his matches without using that much power. His playing style is very conventional, and he has a great court sense. His playing style: A forehand and backhand, which he hits with uncanny accuracy, varying amounts of spin, and height. He never gives me the same two balls in the row and I never can get a rhythm playing him. When he gets a ball he likes, he goes for the power winner and most of the time, he wins the point. The pattern I see him do a lot of the time is to hit deep in the either corner, and give a soft forehand that brings me to the net which he then passes me with his forehand, backhand, or lob. I am driven out of my mind playing him, and I will like some advice to beat him the next time we play. More information: His serve, although not as fast as the other players, is instead placed very well, and very spinny that makes it awkward to return (both first and second serve). He slices alot, and the balls goes deep and low which makes it difficult to put any power on it.

I am a conventional power baseliner and can volley decently, and have good speed on the court.


Unconventional. Lol.

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    Well if he can hit deep into the corner most of the time, there's not much you can do but to bow.

    So you need to try to limit his capability to do what he does best - hitting deep into your corners. Perhaps you need to attack first, especially when you serve and, when you receive his 2nd serve.

    Try running forehand across or topspin lob deep, or forehand slice knife low over the net down the line. Perhaps lob is most effective to start since he might go to the net after a deep corner; lob to corner or mix with running forehand across will discourage him from going to the net; combine with forehand knife and back low/short ball will give him a few surprises.

    The bottom line is you either need to be more aggressive so he doesn't get too many chances putting into the corner, or better at defense and run corner to corner and getting the balls back deep without much pace, causing him to overhit. Either way you need to be a better player than you are right now.

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    You're allowing him too much time and too much court. Most players who display better then average directional control need time to come set for the shot and can destroy baseline players when given that time. It's obvious that you cannot come to the net all the time especially if he has a decent lob, but you have to inject that uncertanty into his game. If you choose your opportunities wisely you'll be able to create the angles necessary to remove him from his comfort zone. You'll also have to let him see you fake comming in at times so he is aware that he cannot simply reduce the threat with a lob. Also once he's aware that you are not anchored to the baseline he'll not bother with the drop shot if he has one.

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    its a tough call.... but it sounds like he has too much time to set up his shots....and place them into the corners on you..

    you need to attack more... and kinda play his game on him.. give him a taste of his own... try and beat him at his own game.. start going for corners more.. try and hit more down the line

    also try an hit the ball more behind him...

    dont just rely on your defense and move let an right and then hit the shallow ball so he drives through it..

    try doing some drop shots, hit more volleys.. just put the pressure on him.. easier said then done.. but mix it up... u have to really take him out of his comfort zone

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    Sound like you are Djokovic's fans...You should attack his backhand as much as you can and mix your tactic in every games, don't let him too much time to hit the ball, good luck!

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    Maybe you cannot beat him. You might have a chance if you cut down on your errors, and put some pressure on him so that he can't just run you around.

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