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I'm looking for a book I read several years ago and I can't remember title or author?

Romance novel about a woman kidnapped by Indian, renamed Flame due to her red hair, she gets married to her kidnapper as his 2nd wife, his 1st wife is his dead brother's, she hates Flame and abuses her. Flame has premonitions which saves tribe. She is later kidnapped by rival tribe but saved by her husband.

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    Night Flame by Catherine Hart

    "Sarah travels out west with her father, who is a General in the Union Army. She is bored with her life in Washington, DC since all of the men are away fighting in the war between the states. Her father has spoiled her and can't say no when she decides to come along with him to tour some forts out west. The travels are much harder than she thought they would be but she refuses to go home. For the last few years she has been having dreams that come true. She keeps dreaming of a man with dark eyes and a handsome face.

    Night Hawk is a Cheyenne chief visiting Fort Laramie to do some trading. He sees Sarah as she is coming into the fort and is instantly captivated by her red hair and bright blue eyes. Sarah is shaken when she sees Night Hawk because he is the man she has been dreaming of for months.

    Night Hawk feels that she is the woman destined to be his, so he and his warriors kidnap Sarah from the fort. He names her Flame for her bright red hair and expects her to come to terms with her new life among the Cheyenne. The rest of the story follows Flame as she adjusts from life as a spoiled girl to life with the Cheyenne as the wife of Night Hawk. Night Hawk is a fierce warrior but falls hard for his Flame, just as Flame comes to love Night Hawk with all her heart so that she gladly gives up her old life to be with her love. They build a life together and overcome many difficulties as the story follows their life for the next few years and shows their love strengthening with time and hardship."

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    Could it be the Loganberry Books??? I am not sure.

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    Could it be "Mountain Mistress" by Nadine Crenshaw?

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