Cash for Colons? Which is the best option for income equality Or a socialist Nation?

The Issue

Hospitals have requested that they be allowed to pay people for donating blood and other bodily organs, such as kidneys.

The Debate

Option One

"We remain critically short of blood plasma and various organs," says One World Government One hospital administrator Al Wu. "Especially hearts. A good heart is hard to find. But if we were allowed to pay for donations, we'd get more of them and could save more lives. Plus the donor takes home a few hundred Credit s in compensation. Unless it's a post-mortem donation, of course. In that case we'd pay the family."

Option Two

"Great idea," says social commentator Faith Singh. "Except for one thing. You know who's going to be selling their organs? Poor people! They'll be so desperate for money that they'll sell their own kidneys. Well, a kidney. This is just another way for the rich to buy themselves a better life at the expense of the poor. It must be outlawed."

1 Answer

  • WACO
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    8 years ago
    Best Answer

    There are conditions that sometimes makes it better than nothing. And, it being done under government supervision is better than blackmarket.

    Source(s): Mad Magazine
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