Halls for hire, Surprise Party. Birmingham B31 UK Area.?

Hi there everyone. I posted this a couple of weeks ago but it was deleted and i don't know why. I am just asking if anyone knows of any nice places i could throw a surprise 60th party for my mum. In the B31 Area if brum would be great. And maybe some where that caters food for about 30people. If you know any where from personal experience, or work in one or have friends who used a hall or place please please any suggestions would be GREAT! Im rubbish at this sort of thing. :-D

Thank you. x

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    9 years ago
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    I've attached a link to a place just outside your area, in Bournville, that might be suitable.

    There are many pubs in the area that have function rooms that you might be able to use, and either they will provide the food or you could provide your own, or use outside caterers.

    You could also look at places such as the British Legion and other clubs that have similar facilities.

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    9 years ago

    Hi it's worth checking out your local church halls as they sometimes rent out the buildings for gatherings.local catering firms could provide the foods or if it's just sandwiches sometimes the hall people will help upon a fee of course.

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