Is homeschooling k-12 free in Louisiana?


mm they have an online public scholpaid by taxes i think..

Update 2:

I'm not looking for 'freedom' that homeschoolers have. I called it homeschool because it is done from home.. i just moved back into new orleans and good schools don't take transfers and very rarely do they take upcoming seniors.

Update 3:

and don't thumbs down a person because they answer my question adequately.

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    Homeschooling through k12 costs thousands of dollars a year. Some states use k12 for online public schools paid for though taxes... but nowhere is the *homeschooling* option of k12 free.

    ETA: Perhaps... but it is not 'free homeschooling'. It would be on online *public school* paid for by taxes... which is not what you asked about.

    Here is the homepage for the public school at home option that you clearly already knew about:

    Public schools at home are notorious for having the same lack of educational freedom and tedious hours of work to log as brick and mortar public schools. They are not legally 'homeschooling' and labeling them as such causes much confusion. Students hear about the freedoms available to homeschoolers... sign up for public school online and are sorely disappointed that 'homeschooling' was not like they heard it was. Homeschooling gets bad mouthed... and more kids stay in public school even though they are miserable there. Don't call this program homeschooling.

    ETA: When you nuke a tv dinner you don't call it 'home cooking' just because it was done at home. Words have meanings for a reason... in this case the word has a *legal* meaning and 'any school work done at your house' isn't it. You need to use them correctly so everyone will understand you correctly.

    The online public schools mentioned in the answer that was 'thumbs downed' are in Ohio and Florida... not Louisiana. Tax dollars in those states will only allow those who live in *those states* to use them for free. Hardly answering your question adequately.

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    Online public school at home programs and homeschooling is not the same thing.

    ETA: I could call myself a supermodel but that doesn't make me one. Online public schools are not the same thing as homeschooling. The 2 terms mean completely different things under the educational laws in almost every state (CA I believe is the only state in which Homeschool is used in the laws to mean public school at home. In CA "homeschooling" is private school).

    The answers that received thumbs down did not answer your question adequately. K12 being available as a free public school in Ohio or FL is irreverent to whether or not it is available in LA.

    K already gave you a direct link to LAVAC, which is the K12 public school option in LA.

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    I go to OHVA, k12, and yes it is free. And it is a verry good school to go to. A lot better than ecot or any places ive been too.

    Source(s): I attend K12.
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