i need holocaust homework help please!?

im learning about the holocaust and i have a paper due tomorrow and i have to write a diary entry. here is my assignment: ive been sick for a week with strep throat all ive been doing is sleeping and im finally going back to school tomorrow. i neeeeed help please help me write a diary entry im not creative and im not good at writing please help. my assignment is : imagine you have arrived at Auschwitz( a concentration camp) this morning. You were selected to work but several members of your family were sent to their deaths. write a diary entry expressing your thoughts a feelings before you go to bed on your first night in camp. thank you sooo much!

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    "In the nucleus of Hell, I'm motionless.







    My life.

    My blood.

    My family.


    My mother.

    My father.

    My world.


    When you lose everything, there's just ... nothing left.

    Adequate words?

    A sentence WORTHY of being written?

    They simply don't exist."

  • Petra
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    8 years ago

    Well tell your teacher you've been sick all week and will submit the diary entry next week.

    Or write a very short diary entry. It's an unrealistic scenario though, because everything was taken from the new arrivals at Auschwitz. So by evening time, the only thing in your possession would have been the prisoner's uniform you were wearing. Sometimes prisoners were given ill-fitting civilian clothing instead.

    Well if you must complete the assignment, I'd write about what happened to you: arrival at a dreadful unknown place (describe), separation from your family, then your clothes would have been taken from you, you would have been given a cold shower, you would have been given a prisoner's uniform, your hair was cut off and the number was tattooed on your left forearm.

    At that time, you still might have thought that your family was in a different part of the camp. You might have wondered why you were separated and when you would be reunited.

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    This should have been one choice in at least two choices of topic for this assignment. I respectfully suggest your teacher has not given much thought to this assignment - it is not reasonable to ask someone to 'imagine' a holocaust experience.

    If you are prepared to be confronted by your teacher submit the following 'diary entry' :

    Dear Diary,

    I don't know anyone else in this building. I am on bare boards with just my coat. You, Diary, were taken away from me at the inspection so I am just 'imagining' what I would have written in You if I had You AND a pencil. Okay - I have talked to You,Diary, now I am going to pray/talk to God. Goodnight.

    Source(s): Life
  • The only comment I can make is what I wrote in my diary when I visited Belsen one summer morning;

    So I have now visited Belsen, I cannot, even in my worse nightmare ever contemplate what went on here. I have come on a summers day, the camp is deathly quiet, there is no breeze, the birds don't come here anymore so there is no movement. The huge huts stand in uniform rows, they still carry the stench of the many thousands of people who came here. I cannot bring myself to see the ovens where the bodies were destroyed, it would be too much. On one edge of the camp is a small stream, if you look closely at the banks of the stream you will see pieces of dirty grey matter being leached from the soil. That is what remains of some of the thousands of people who were murdered here. It is a dreadful place, a place that even hell would refuse. Nobody who has ever visited this or any other of the camps can ever forget it, it is imprinted on my soul and will never leave. There are certain insane factions of society who claim that the holocaust never happened, for those who believe that, go and see for yourself. God in his infinite wisdom has shut his eyes to this place, I wish I could, but alas I cannot. I am tired, I need to sleep, but I am afraid to shut my eyes. To all those who follow in my footsteps, a message, If and when you go to sleep and the nightmares begin, then welcome to hell.

    Source(s): An extract from my diary on my visit to hell.
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    what's it with human beings posting "i'm no longer doing all your homework for you?" Heres a sprint in case you do no longer opt to help do purely no longer submit. Treblinka's dying camp, Treblinka II became into in occupied Poland the place approximately 850,000 human beings have been killed such as over 800,000 Jews. Treblinka additionally lined a hard artwork camp referred to as Treblinka I. approximately 20,000 have been compelled to artwork there and nil.5 of those died on the camp. Bergen-Belsen-A concentration camp in northwest Germany during the conflict southwest of Bergen. It began as a penal complex of conflict camp yet became a concentration camp the place Jews and Russian POWs have been held with the reason of paying for for and merchandising them for German POWs foreign places. whilst it became into liberated via the British 60,000 have been chanced on alongside with 13,000 corpses. Dachau-located close to Dachau, a city in southern Germany. It opened March 1933 and became into the 1st concentration camp. before each and everything it became into used for political prisoners and later Jews. The penal complex became into used for SS officers anticipating trial after the conflict. After 1948 the Germans expelled from Czechoslovakia have been housed there, and then it became a US base. In 1960 it became into closed down on the requests of former inmates. Belzec-In southeastern Poland a minimum of 434,500 Jews and a great style of Poles and Roma have been killed. purely 2 Jews survived.

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