How many Native Americans died because of European diseases from 1450-1750?

a rough estimate.

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    It was something like 90% of them in North America, they had really weak immune systems because they didn't live in large groups and they rarely interacted with the other tribes. Once a tribe was killed by smallpox the survivors would seek help from neighbors which spread it. Smallpox often leaves survivors sterile so that made repopulation even more difficult.

    The big thing that sealed the deal for the Natives was that the only major urban centers were in Central America and those were never very big, whereas Eurasia not only had numerous civilizations in Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East they were also all in constant contact with each other. If a person couldn't survive all the diseases born out of filth piles of a dozen different empires they would die. Europe was the filthiest and most disease ridden during that time period, putting European diseases against native Americans is like pitting a bunch of poodles against a tiger.

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