the loyalists .... history project ??!!?

i need hellp with my history project ! can u please tell me some history about the loyalists and everything... like when it started ? plzzzz helppp 10 points to best answer ! thanks :)

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    Loyalists are people who supported Britain in the Revolutionary War, and Federalists are the patriots who supported the colonists during the Revolutionary War. It started when British Parliment started passing acts like the Sugar Act, Tea Act, and Stamp Act to pass taxes onto goods. The colonists felt like they had no voice in Parliment, so they protested, boycotting the goods, and this is how sides came up. Loyalists supported Great Britain and the King, and thought it was wrong to protest against their mother country who gave the colonies protection and shelter.

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    i am an english loyalist. it started after the american revolutionary war :) all those who remained loyal to his majesty went to british canada. how else were the colonists supposed to pay debt back then? we needed tax! the colonists only wanted to cause trouble and had nothing else to do. the brits won a battle to gain more land in the seven years war but fell into serious debt. but then after the revolutionary war, america into major what was the point? and today, there is still tax and the country has been even more messed up! all those who supported independence committed treason and should have been tried and sent to prison! a famous loyalist was Sir Benedict Arnold! if i fought in the war, i would have taken out the colonists. God Save the Queen! :D

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    Basically during the American war of Independence a lot of people loyal to the British crown moved to Canada.

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    study and study with reference to the conflict with mexico and how usa fought Santa Anna to get rid of the land from the mexicans becuz they have been upset that mexico did not prefer to proportion the land.

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