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How can I breed a hamster?

I really really really want to breed my Syrian hamster. I am moving so I'm waiting until then. there is only one problem....i don't think my parents will let me. My hamster is the female hamster so i would be keeping the babies. Please give some advice on what to do and how I can get my parents to let me!!

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    The vast majority of hamsters shouldn't be bred from. Responsible breeders in the hamster fancy breed for qualities of body conformation, size, depth of colour, quality of markings and fur, and health AS WELL as a good temperament. Good temperament is a given, not something to breed for! Simply being a sweet-natured pet does not make for good breeding material.

    Do you have the space to house perhaps 20 hamsters individually if you can't find homes for them, can you afford that many cages? Can you afford to feed them and keep them in bedding and toys, for possibly three years?

    Are you going to let these babies go to any old home, or a pet store, where anything may happen to them? Will you check each possible home, make sure the new owners are knowledgable and able to care for your hamsters, will you make yourself available to advise the new owners for the life of that hamster, and are you willing to take the hamster back at any time, if for some reason the owners can no longer keep it?

    Can you cope with the possibility that the first-time mother may eat her own pups? That she may die during a difficult birth, whilst you watch her writhing in pain? That pups may be stillborn, or born with deformities that require them to be put down, you may have to deal with sick or dead pups?

    Do you actually know what you are doing? Do you understand hamster genetics - are you aware what varieties of hamster a particular mating may produce? (And no - if you mate a black hamster with a white hamster you do not get a litter of half blacks and half whites, or a litter of black & white hamsters, or a litter of grey hamsters!!!) Do you know the genetic history of the animals you are breeding from - do you know what colours their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents were, do you know of any hidden recessives in the line?

    Finally, why do you want to breed hamsters? If it's to make money, forget it! This is not a profit-making business. If it's because you want to and you think it's cute, take a while to think about the reality and practicality of it, and all the points mentioned above - does your hamster (and the possible mate) really fit the quality criteria, are you really knowledgable? If you're breeding because you want more hamsters, for yourself or for your friends - please, please contact your local animal rescue, sanctuary or shelter. There are always hamster that need adopting.

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  • iYuuki
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    Your parents shouldn't let you. Breeding isn't something for a kid to be playing around with. Breeding is serious, it's not something you just decide to do for fun.

    Besides, what exactly do you plan to do with so many hamsters? They'll all have to be in separate cages. Do you really have the time, money and space for 10+ hamsters? What will you do if the mother has trouble delivering the babies and needs expensive vet care? How will you feel when you make a tiny mistake that leads to the mother EATING all of her babies alive? What will you do if the mother dies and the babies need round-the-clock care in order to survive? This isn't a joke, and a million things can go wrong when you try to breed.

    Also, breeding pet store hamsters is a bad idea. They have bad genetics and often have very unhealthy pups that live short, painful lives.

    Your parents are doing the right thing by denying you the right to breed. They know what they're talking about. Breeding these animals is just plain cruel. It shouldn't be done for a child's amusement.

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  • 8 years ago

    Well get a guy one, then separate the two, you'd also what to put the boy away from the girls, I don't know how to convince you parents

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