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where can i apply for a cruise ship or any shipping line?

it's difficult to search the internet.oh by the way, i'm from Philippines. So i,m looking for a company that has a office here. Me and my friend really want to work in a ship, either a cruise ship or any shipping line. if you know any site in the internet that is trustworthy please say so. or maybe you can tell me the exact address and the process for the application and we'll go there.

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    Celebrity Cruises is owned by Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd. The casually elegant Celebrity Cruises has established itself as a leader in offering quality cruises at a reasonable cost.

    Voted "one of the top-ten cruise lines of the world" by Travel and Leisure and given a 5-star rating by Fielding Cruises, Celebrity continues to be one of the most enjoyable cruise experiences in its category.

    Employment Contact DetailsCelebrity Cruises1050 Caribbean Way, Miami,FL, 33132-2096. USA.Phone: +1 (305) 539-6000Job Email: celebrityjobs@celebrity.com

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  • FIRST and most important, the major cruise lines do NOT require you to pay a fee to apply, nor offer you a job without an application and interview process. So, if you go to a web site that requires a fee or you get a job offer and it requires you to pay any amount, it's a scam.

    SECOND: Many cruise lines use "hiring partners" who are agencies around the world who help them find and screen candidates. Cruise line web site will show ways to contact their hiring partners and they also have warnings about scams. AGAIN, DO NOT use any other web sites that require you to pay a fee to register or get job information or referrals. Carnival cruise line has a warning on its site about cruise jobs scams. Check this web link: http://www.carnival.com/cms/fun/fun_jobs…

    You need to go directly to the cruise line web sites. There you will find a link to jobs, employment, human resources or some such link that will give you information about their positions. Use these web sites as a lead to who and where to write or call for information about positions. Some sites have actual vacancies listed and they also will list in general terms the basic requirements for working on a cruise ship. Carnival is the parent company for several cruise lines including Carnival, Cunard, Princess, and Holland America. So contacting Carnival you can ask for leads to the other cruise lines also. Royal Caribbean cruise line is a partner with Celebrity and Azamara. So you can ask for leads to these others. https://jobs.rccl.com/jobs/web_container…

    some other cruise lines to contact:

    Holland America jobs:



    http://www2.ncl.com/about/careers/overvi… AND,


    Princess: http://www.princess.com/employment/index… And,


    Another thing to do is to contact the concession that run the shops on the ships like the photo, souvenir, gift and clothing shops. These are also the companies that hire the beauty shop/spa employees for ships. Below are links for you.




    For whatever position you want to apply for you will need at least a couple years experience in that type work. The cruise line web sites also list job requirements and working conditions. So you can get just about any question you have answered by the cruise line web sites. Stick to them.

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