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Is the following more accurately described as "American entrepreneurship"? or "gaming the system"?

"Suppose you are a small, obscure Competitive Local Exchange Carrier [CLEC; pronounced "SEE-LECK"] out in Nextonowhere, South Dakota. You're performing a wonderful service—providing that last-mile voice connection for, well, not a whole lot of people. Still, somebody's got to do it. To make your business at least somewhat sustainable, the government set up a bunch of regulations called intercarrier compensation rules. They're complicated, but the bottom line is that every time your nearest Interexchange Carrier (IXC)—often a big telco like AT&T, Verizon, or Qwest—transmits a call to one of your patrons from the Big City, you get an access fee. This helps to subsidize your operation.

But you're not satisfied with the saintly moral rewards that come with your chosen profession. Then one day a voice conference service contacts you. "Say," the company suggests, "why don't you let us set up a whole bunch of chat and conference lines in your area. You'll get tons of intercarrier comp fees. Just share some of the revenue with us."

This sort of fall from grace happens more often that one might think, it seems. Last year AT&T cited a cabal of smaller carriers in rural Utah who billed over 200 million minutes of intercomp traffic to the telco. "That these [competitive carriers] were created for the express purpose of engaging in traffic pumping is underscored by the fact that traffic pumping appears to be their only business," the company noted. In fact, since their creation, nobody has ever actually made a phone call from the service areas of two of these companies, AT&T charged. "

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    No,,,,but nice cut and paste.

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    Sounds like a big business wall street giant like AT&T got screwed and had some of their wealth redistributed this should be right up your ally.

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    How many of those letters did you actually type yourself?

    I'm just curious.

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