How much is this worth?? And what year was it made?

in my room i have a bedroom set of a highboy, dresser and a bed board thing. on the back of the highboy it says "LIT BROTHERS PHILA PA" and has some numbers that all i can find from what it says (faded) is: 083436 and 01880? My mother thinks that its style is Queene Anne. We tried doing research on various website but none of what we find matches up to the dresser high boy or twin sized bed boards. I am trying to sell it so I can buy new furnituree but we cant figure out what to price it as or what to call it! OR EVEN WHAT YEAR IT WAS MADE IN! sooo i seen prices of furniture like it and It goes from (least) $300- (highest so far) $25,600. so you can tell im confused and i have learned alot about the lit brothers but almost nothing about my set of furniture! Help please!!!!! :)


i need to know how much it is. and when it was made.

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    maybe a little bit depending on the condition, as you can see the queen anne Style was a bit earlier than the department store this stuff came from , it was probably a revival type furniture, it still is a department store furniture but at the same time almost a 100 years old...

    good luck in your hunt

    Lit Brothers was a moderate priced department store based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Samuel and Jacob Lit opened the first store at Eight and Market Streets in 1893.

    Lit's positioned itself well as a more affordable alternate to competitors, Strawbridge and Clothier, Wanamaker's, and Gimbels. The store's tag line was "A Great Store in A Great City", and it was noted for its millinery department. It was purchased in 1928 by Albert M. Greenfield's Bankers Securities Corporation and was eventually merged into its City Stores Company (now CSS Industries, Inc.), a retail holding company consisting of stores located in urban centers throughout the south and east such as the W & J Sloane furniture store, and the Washington, D.C.–based department store chain Lansburgh's. In 1962, they purchased the suburban locations of Snellenburg's, another Philadelphia department store chain owned by Bankers Securities Corporation, which was closed in 1963. The Lit Brothers chain subsequently closed in 1977

    A Queen Anne style furniture is a style of furniture design that developed during and around the reign of Anne, Queen of Great Britain (1702-1714). Queen Anne furniture is "somewhat smaller, lighter, and more comfortable than its predecessors," and examples in common use include "curving shapes, the cabriole leg, cushioned seats, wing-back chairs, and practical secretary desk-bookcase pieces." Other elements characterizing the style include pad feet and "an emphasis on line and form rather than ornament."In Britain, the style of Queen Anne's reign is frequently described as "late Baroque" rather than "Queen Anne," while in the United States the term "Queen Anne" describes decorative styles from the mid-1720s to around 1760, although Queen Anne reigned earlier.

    The cabriole leg has been described as "the most recognizable element" of Queen Anne furniture. Cabriole legs were influenced by the designs of the French cabinetmaker André-Charles Boulle and the Rococo style from the French court of Louis XV . But the intricate ornamentation of post-Restoration furniture was abandoned in favor more conservative designs, possibly under the influence of the simple and elegant lines of imported Chinese furniture.

    In addition to simple curvilinear lines and cabriole leg, Queen Anne chairs are characterized by vasiform splats and frequently featured a horseshoe shape. Other important decorative elements included carved shell and scroll motifs, often found on the crest and knees. Wingback chairs, variations on other Queen Anne-style chairs, are fully upholstered with the exception of the exposed wood legs and have sides folded inward to keep heat contained within the chair. All four of the cabriole legs legs sit on padded feet. The shoulders of the back droop slightly to give a more feminine look to the style, in contrast to the squared shoulders of the masculine King George wingback chair.

    The Queen Anne style was a continuation of the William and Mary style of furniture design

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