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help with 3G modem free internet access?

if i got a 3g modem with no credit when i try to install a programme called vnc it sync with its website to receive a certain update can i use the website with a certain port to get free internet access with no credit if possible how??

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  • 8 years ago
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    The answer is No. All 3G Modems "Call Home" to whatever Service provides the Signal to the Modem. You will have to login to an Account that had/ or has to be setup when the Modem was activated.

    If you have a Top Up card of sort that provides the Free Access; that card's Serial Number or Activation Code will have to be entered into your Account's Payment Section otherwise..the Modem will not let you access anything beyond Account Login.

    One possible exception is: a Open Public Access Hotspot on 3G. I once accessed such a hotspot entirely by accident. So, if you're near a Verizon , Virgin Mobile Store or Similar--there is a slim chance of complimentary access and under those circumstances it would be possible to connect and receive the update.

    Good Luck.

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