Going in for State level poetry recitation competition. What should i choose?

I need some serious help.. I am going in for a poetry recitation competition, and i cant decide which poem to choose? i would like to opt for Ode on Melancholy by John Keats... But i would like some other suggestions, the poem should be between 1-2 mins, and it should be ridiculously awesome and intriguing... Any help would be warmly appreciated... :D

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  • 9 years ago
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    Vachel Lindsay's poetry recites extremely well, and he is much less known than he should be.

    General William Booth enters into Heaven is about the length you need: most audiences will never have heard anything like it.

    The Chinese Nightingale is also unforgettable.

    The Flower Fed Buffaloes of the Spring is probably his best piece, but it may be a little shorter than you need.

    You could take a look at Robert Frost's After Apple Picking too.

  • I wish I knew anything that wasn't ridiculously short, or totally silly! I did recite a poem that my Grandfather taught me when I was quite young (like 6 or 7), which is funny and cute...but I don't know if a/ it would be long enough, or b/ it would "translate" over correctly. I've submitted it for opinion of others here, and it wasn't a resounding success. However, I'll send it...the author is either Anonymous, or you could credit it to my Grandad, LeRoy Miles.

    My Grandad taught me this when I was about 6 or 7...but it's still fun to read...or better yet, hear! I share it with you in memory of my Grandad, Roy. (BTW...B'ar means bear, but is pronounced just as it looks: bar. Change it to bear, if you wish.)

    Betty and the B’ar

    In a pioneer’s cabin, out west so they say,

    A great big black grizzly bear trotted one day.

    He seated himself at the hearth and began

    To lap the contents of a two gallon pan

    Of milk and potatoes, an excellent meal.

    Then he looked up to see what else he could steal.

    The Lord of the Mansion awoke from his sleep,

    And hearing a racket he ventured to peep,

    Just out in the kitchen to see what was there,

    And was scared to behold the great grizzly bear.

    He screamed in alarm to his slumbering frau,

    “There’s a b’ar in the kitchen as big as a cow.”

    “A what?” “Why a b’ar!” “Well, murder him then!”

    “Yes, Betty, I will, if you’ll first venture in.”

    So Betty jumped up and the poker she seized,

    While he shut the door and against it he squeezed.

    Her man through the keyhole kept hollering within,

    “Well done, fine Betty, now hit him again!!

    Now in the forehead, and now in the snout,

    Now poke with the poker and poke his eyes out!”

    So with rapping and poking poor Betty alone

    At last lay Sir Bruin as dead as a stone.

    When the old man saw the bear was no more,

    He ventured to poke his head out of the door.

    There lay the grizzly stretched out on the floor.

    Then off to the neighbors’ he hastened to tell

    Of the wondrous events the morning befell:

    “Oh yes, come and see! All the neighbors have see’d it.

    Come and see what we did, me and Betty, we did it.”

    I only wish I could take some credit for this...other than learning it, and having my uncle send me the typed copy, all I can claim is memorizing it "kinda well"! I hope you all get a smile from it.

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