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What longboard deck, wheels, and all that stuff should i get? And whats the best shape for sliding?

Ok so i have this board. The on all the way on the right. The Carbon Decay.


I really like the board, i just want one that is best for sliding and carving and things like that. I dont know if its the wheels that wont let me slide, or the board. The wheels are very bouncy and i believe that is why but again, im not sure. If anyone could help me out on what would be a good board and wheels and trucks i should be looking at it would help alot.and


Btw here are the specs of the board. and also im looking to slide and cruise but mostly slide . If im not using good wheels and stuff for sliding please name what i should buy.

S9 Carbon Decay Complete Longboard

9.2x37.7 - Yellow

Deck: 5 Ply Maple - Carbon Fiber/Fiberglass - Drop Through Mount

Specs: 37.7" L x 9.20" W x 28.0" WB

Trucks: 9.0" Gullwing Charger Trucks

Wheels: 72mm / 75a Nineball Wheels

Bearings: Abec 5 Greaseball Bearings

Hardware Full Grip Tape w/ Die cut for logo, Drop Mount Bolt Pack

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    Sector 9 Super shaka (get the mini shaka if under 6 foot)

    Paris 180s

    Bones reds bearings

    Abec Flashbacks 78 or 81a

    There you go. One of the best setups you can get

  • Ryan D
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    8 years ago

    You will want a more symmetrical shape if you want to slide. People also say drop through and dropped boards are driftier.

    I highly recommend the Earthwing Supermodel as a great slide board. The Nelson SpinDrift, Eastside Rocky Bomber, or Landyachtz 9two5 are great as well.

    Traditional Kingpin trucks such as Independent 215 are also more divey and will slide out easier compared to Reverse Kingpin trucks such as Paris 180s or Randal 180s. You can still slide RKP trucks if you want though, it is mainly preference. TKP trucks also will make your board lower to the ground which is nice if you are pushing long distances.

    For wheels, a good slide wheel would be a rounder wheel with a duro around 78a-82a. This doesnt meant you cannot slide a square lipped wheel with a 72a duro.

    For bearings, just get anything cheap. A cheap bearing that is cleaned and lubed is the same as an expensive bearing that is cleaned and lubed. I recommend MileHighSkate, Magic, or DBS bearings, but if you cannot find those Mini Logo or Bones Reds are fine. I also recommend getting bearing spacers for your wheels.

  • 3 years ago

    it relatively is totally, very achievable to slip with gentle wheels. Get some Cult Classics. as quickly as you get previous the mildew launch (the grippy outer layer of a sparkling wheel), they slide amazingly.

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