How do you report someone in MW3 that is not in the lobby?

Someone was boosting in infected and got a MOAB but he left before we could report him. Is there anyway to report him other than the lobby?

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  • 9 years ago
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    While in the lobby, press Y or Triangle to access your friend's list, then scroll to the right and you should see "recently met players" (or something similar). In this list, you can find the player's name and report him from there.

    It will take an extra step to get to Infinity Ward (as this reports to Microsoft instead, who then forwards it), but it will still get to them. Also, next time it happens, save the match to your theater mode. This way, Infinity Ward will see your username (as the person reporting the player) and can view the match as evidence. This makes it easier for them to hand out bans, as they can make copies of videos in a player's theater (since they are also uploaded for the websites).

    If you can make a video for theater mode, make sure you name it something like "(gamertag) reported on (date)" or "infected lobby - reported (date)", but make sure it at least has the date you reported it. This will make it easier for IW to know which video to watch.

  • shane
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    9 years ago

    just contact activision, infinity ward or sledgehammer games by e-mail and state your case, its even better if a few people do it.

    just make sure you have the ID of the person. would be good if you supply a date and time of the match as well.

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