are brass knuckles illegal in the state of New Mexico?

well i know they are illegal to carry and use.

but is it illegal to own them? just to have around the house

i plan on ordering some from a website that sell them as "paper weights"

also would they even ship to New Mexico?

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  • 8 years ago
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    In New Mexico you re allowed to own them at home.

    New Mexico - Criminal Offenses - 30-1-12. Definitions...

    B. "deadly weapon" means any... weapon which is capable of

    producing death or great bodily harm, including but not

    restricted to any types of daggers, brass knuckles...

    30-7-2. Unlawful carrying of a deadly weapon... consists of

    carrying a concealed... deadly weapon anywhere, except in

    the following cases [own residence or property; private

    automobile or other means of conveyance; official]... a

    petty misdemeanor.

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