Help with a sling bag?

hey, im a student in high school and id like some help finding a sling bag that i can use on a daily basis, i normally carry just my 15" laptop and a few books so that would be a must and id also kinda like it to at least look decent, any help would be much appreciated

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  • 9 years ago
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    Not sure what you mean by sling bag - do you mean a messenger bag? Also, what's your budget?

    Have you heard of BBP bags? they are US based bag manufacturer with a life time warranty - so it will last longer than you'd want them to..

    I'd sugest Industries Messenger by BBP. It fits 15-16" laptop and a couple of bags, really good back and shoulder padding (you definitely want good padding on your shoulder), a laptop sleeve, and premium Velcro - this surprisingly doesn't make noise when opening your bag. It retails at NZD$114.49 from here <

    If you have some more cash to spare, I'd suggest looking at Booq bags. They look good, practical, and also come with warranty (one year though). One of my favourites from Booq is the Cobra Slim which retails at NZD$210.90 from here <

    Hope this helps,


    Source(s): From me - I work at Nuance Bags so I know a thing or two about carrying things.
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    9 years ago
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