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ok so im going out with a girl that i really like on valentines day and I really want it to go well since it's our first date. I have the whole date planned out, nothing major, but it does end with us hopefully slow dancing in a park alone together. She's a good dancer so i'll just tell her idk how to slow dance even though i do lol. I need help chossing a song to slow dance to though. We listen to all variety's of rock, from spanish and indie to punk and metal. I was thinking maybe something like Under Control by The Strokes or Call Me Back by The Strokes (one of our favorite bands) but I think they're a little fast paced for that. Can anyone suggest any songs? and is slow dancing in a park a little too much for a first date??

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  • Anna
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    9 years ago
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    Definitely check out this song by Summertime's End - the lyrics are literally about slow dancing! the perfect slow dance song :)

    In Stereo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gnD_V6-GLw

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    Like a truth unsaid

    The thought of you

    Fills my tired head

    Your hand in mine

    Taking left in right

    As we combine

    Joining black and white

    Turn out the light and we'll dance through the night

    Spinning slow

    As our hearts beat in stereo

    Twirling around in the wake of this beautiful sound

    Sway with the breeze in three hundred and sixty degrees

    Yeah, our hearts beat for days like these

    Soak up the moment and promise you won't let it go

    Your breathing slows

    As we gently sway

    The music stops

    But we keep going anyway

    The skyline fades

    Trading red for blue

    But I don't care

    'Cause I'm here with you

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

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