Density of ammonia gas at STP in gL-1?

Don't know how to work it out

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  • 9 years ago
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    At STP, gases have a molar volume of 22.414 liters; that is, one mole of any gas

    occupies 22.414 liters at STP.

    The molecular weight of ammonia (NH3) is 17.03, so 1 mole of ammonia has a

    mass of 17.03 grams.

    So at STP, 17.03 grams of gaseous ammonia occupy 22.414 liters, so one liter

    has a mass of 17.03/22.414, or 0.7598 gram.

    So the density of ammonia at STP is 0.7598 gram per liter.

    Source(s): college chemistry
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