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Tennessee Valley Authority help?

I looked every for these questions regarding this act, but i could not find them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What was the amount of founding initially provided by congress for this act?

(please give me a link also, i need it for my bibliography)

I also have one more question:

Is TVA the name of the legislation, or the name of the government agency formed as a result of the legislation (if so, whats the name of the legislation itself)?

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    Wow this sure taught me how little I knew. No wonder you couldn't find anything!!!

    Initially, federal appropriations funded all TVA operations. Appropriations for the TVA power program ended in 1959, and appropriations for TVA’s environmental stewardship and economic development activities were phased out by 1999. TVA is now fully self-financing, funding operations primarily through electricity sales and power system financings. (

    The TVA Act created the TVA corporation. (

    The original act said: "all appropriations necessary to carry out this act are approved" Does you teacher really want you to do the math?

    Sec. 15. In the construction of any future dam, steam plant, or other facility, to be used in whole or in part for the generation or transmission of electric power the board is hereby authorized and empowered to issue on the credit of the United States and to sell serial bonds not exceeding $50,000,000 in amount, having a maturity not more than fifty years from the date of issue thereof, and bearing interest not exceeding 3-1/2 per centum per annum. Guess you could look for 1934 or 1935 government report filed in December (as required by Act) but think they're on microfiche?

    Geezsh taht was tough!

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