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Anonymous asked in TravelSwitzerlandOther - Switzerland · 9 years ago


I am going on a student exchange next year and i don't know where to go? Switzerland or United States.. or France out of these three which one and why? i'm from New Zealand and i'm not sure what country to pick, heeelp me.

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    Definitely Switzerland, exchange years are about learning new things, so you don't want to go to an English speaking country. That takes USA away. Now in Switzerland very little people don't speak some English, so you won't have problems getting around in the beginning, plus unlike France you have the choice of learning 3 ( or 4 I guess if you include Romansch): Italian, German or French. Switzerland is a beautiful country, and if you would live far from your School/University, the public transportation is great! Also, since Switzerland is so compact, you can also easily go sight seeing on weekends. You also have great food, nice people and AMAZING scenery's.

    France on the other hand is big and has much more dangers like pick pockets. Also the cities are much more crowded there( the biggest city in Switzerland( Zurich) has less than a million citizens( which does not mean that it's not a big and interesting city)

    Anyways I would definitely go to Switzerland

    PS: We have WAY better cheese than France

    Source(s): native swiss
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I decided to study in Switzerland and I LOVE IT and I've been here 3 years already and don't want to leave..

    Everyone mostly speaks English, and your'e given the opportunity to pick up an additional language from French, German or Italian which is a great thing to do. The places and people are really nice and when you study in Switzerland you automatically get a Student B permit so you can travel unlimited all over the EU except the UK and its great to explore the countryside. Being located so centrally, you can take a weekend off to go to Franch, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Holland, Belgium and so many other amazing places.

    The food is great as well, and if you're going to be living in cities like Lausanne, Montreux, Zurich, Crans Montana or other such places you're guaranteed to never get bored. There's just so much to experience.

    Source(s): Me, I live in Switzerland now.
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Are you wanting to learn a new language or speak English? If you live in Switzerland as far as I know you have to be able to speak the language of the area you live in (French, German etc). Personally I would opt for USA because I can only speak English and not good at languages so makes it difficult.

  • 4 years ago

    the US is wide and has a verity of different environments to ensure on from. that's perhaps between the most secure places to be in a international warfare because our associates are allies and our enemy is an total ocean distance aside. we also aren't to any extent further Euro trash. hahaha.

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  • 9 years ago

    I would pick Switzerland, it would be more of an experience for you.

    Source(s): ¤*¨¨*¤.¸¸ ...¸.¤\ \¸.New Zealand.,\ .\¸.¤*¨¨*¤ .¸¸.¸.¤* ..\ ☻/ /▌ / \me a kiwi
  • Anonymous
    4 years ago


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