How do non Tamil Telugu speaking actresses do films in the south without knowing the language?for example lot?

Bollywood actresses done films there

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  • 9 years ago
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    The actresses are able to act in Tamil or Telugu films without knowing the language because their actopms will be given voices in the dubbing and re-recording process. Their mouth seems to move with the corressponding voice because they say the dialogues anyway while acting but the accent or pronounciation will not be accurate. However, some actresses do learn the language over time when they have done a few films and seem to have a career in the south indian industry.

    The reason that the south indian film industry seem to take actresses from the north despite the language barrier is because of their skin colour, glamour and acceptablity to act in sexy costumes is better than the south indian woman who are a bit more conservative in their actions.

    The other reason is that it is cheaper to make a movie in the south compared to the north, and with the north indian actresses in the film, the film producer has a platform to promote his movie in the north as well...

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