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hi, i've watched a million of animes and would like to find a few other ones to watch. it can be subbed or dubbed.

anyway, here is what i have watched and what i have liked: (from here you can maybe find something similar to my genre)

maid sama (awesome! best one yet! 5 stars)

ouran high school host clun (<3 I love it. tamakii!)

itazura na kiss (I CRIED<3 ITS MY FAVORITE)

special a (totes cute(:)

vampire knight (pretty good, but the characters were a little cocky ^_^)

fruits baskets (aww.)

lovely complex (i didnt like it...-__-)

peach girl (it was kinda annoying)

mew mew power (it was cute and pretty okay:D)

school rumble (nawww)

skip beat (yes! it was just adorkable!)

the wallflower (hahaha i swear that was so funny)

baka and test (ahahahahhaa so funny and gross)

suzaka (nooo....)

school days(was really dramatic....)

myself - yourself (pretty nice but super cliff hanging -.-)

idolmaster- (cute!)

miracle train (BORING.)

clannad - i swear it this the best one, made me cry and realize a lot of important things in life. defintly want something like this<3(:

kimi no todoke - cute but a little slow

so if you can please reccomened some good animes, i would love it.

and if you check if they are on netflix, youtube, crunchyroll, or any other anime streaming websites that would be great too.


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    I love this anime<3 . It has such a Cute main Character :3

    You can watch it on ,, And on Crunchyroll

    Here Is a Pic :


    The weirdest Thing i ever watched in my entire life it has SUPER cute characters

    You can Watch The Episodes On here:

    (for me this is a great website to watch anime).

    Ayashi No Ceres

    It's a amazing anime and has a lot of funny Bits

    You can Find the Episodes On Youtube

    Also Here Is A Pic :


    I cried at the End , it had Such a Cute Happy Ending , It is Really Funny :'D

    You Can watch The Episodes On Youtube .

    Here Is A Pic :

    Elemental Gelade

    I love this anime & the characters , it has lots of adventure so i didn't get bored of this at all.

    You Can Watch This On , And Youtube (Dubbed).

    Here Is A Pic :

    ~Hope u Will like Something Here : )

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  • 8 years ago

    Spirited away

    Howels moving castle

    Trinity blood

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  • 8 years ago

    kyo kara maoh - HEHE It is the best, it is about a boy who lives in the normal world untill he falls into a toilet(or anything water related) and it takes him to another world.

    He has black hair and black eyes which means hes king and everybody is like 'OMGOMGOMGOGOGMOMGOMG HE HAS BLACK HAIR AND BLACK EYES, THE KING IS HERE'

    xD watch it nowww! I'm really not good at explaning but its hilarious + good and yeah....xD

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  • 8 years ago

    nadeshiko shichi henge (all the anime can be found on animecrazy)

    fairy tail (its not really in your genre but its soo good!!!)

    Chibi devi

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