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The Hunger Games and Harry Potter?

A lot of people prefer Harry Potter over The Hunger Games, but nowadays why do some people prefer THG over HP? Is it because Harry Potter is more for kids? Because Harry Potter was written for kids. But guess what, even adults read it! Except the thing I don't get is that how is it for kids if Harry Potter starts to get more 'dark'. Maybe the first book is more for kids, but then later on it gets more scarier and darker. And, they start using more inappropriate language for kids. I'm not talking about "bloody hell..." I'm talking about other inappropriate words.

I know more people will always prefer Harry Potter because of so many reasons, but there will always be some people who will always like THG even more. And why is that? Oh yes, The Hunger Games was amazing. But the next two books were disappointing. For Harry Potter, all the books were good except Order of the Phoenix was my least favorite.

I know that it's just their opinion but, I think Harry Potter is better.

But Hunger Games is better than Twilight, they shouldn't even be compared, but after THG movie comes out, people are gonna start comparing them because they're popular series.

Which series includes more imagination and morals? HP!

Which series is more funny, sad, happy, fun, etc.? HP!

What makes you 'think' more? HP!

Don't get me wrong, I loooooooooooooove The Hunger Games, it is very close to Harry Potter. But I have to admit, Harry Potter will always be on top of my list. Well not on top... Lord of the Rings and Star Wars are better than Harry Potter.

And for those people who hate/dislike because you think Harry Potter is some stupid series about an orphan, boy wizard who goes to a school to learn magic by some dude with a long beard. No. Harry Potter is not just about Harry, but everything that happens to the people he loves and the world he lives in. It has a sort of innocence and pure love about it. While it may have dark parts as every story does, the messages and the characters you grow to adore seem so real that you just want to cry every time you stop reading one of the books. And your heart is injured when you see that Harry Potter is not reality. That is a feeling not every book can portray. In fact, I haven't even read one book yet that has given me such a feeling, and I've read a lot of books. Harry Potter is a classic, and even though we no longer are able to wait for a new book to come out or a movie to premiere, we still have that feeling in our hearts that will keep us reading the books for the rest of our lives. 40 years from now Twilight will just be one of those books that people USED to love, but Harry Potter will sit on the shelves of stores, as new and as proud as ever. Also, the morals of Harry Potter seem perfectly natural once you've read through the books, you don't even realize you've just been taught a "lesson". And that is because the lesson is that good always overcomes evil, those who take the right way instead of the easy way will be rewarded and that love and friendship are the most powerful tools we have.

But anyways, Hunger Games will be remembered more than Twilight, I just know it.

In what other series except for Harry Potter does a small detail such as the main character’s eye color play such an important role in the books? Sure... The Hunger Games is a heart retching story... but is THG really at the level that HP reached? Harry Potter has incredible detail and lovable characters that you can grow up with along the way. Harry Potter is full of love, magic, and morals.

Also, books like Twilight and Hunger games EXIST thanks to Harry Potter. If J.K who had a hard time in it self getting HP published had been unsuccessful the Y.A genre won't exist like it does today. I'm NOT saying HP influenced the stories telling aspect of those books but that it made the PUBLICATION of them much more easier. Barry Cunningham the editor of Bloomsbury had actually advised J.K. to get a day job since she had little chance of making money in children's books. Publishers back then simply didn't care for children's book until the success of HP showed them that children contrary to their believes DO actually read and as a result encouraged other publishers to invest in children's books too. Harry Potter inspired a generation in all the right ways. That's why it wins in the end.


Anyway, all I would like to know is why some people prefer THG over HP.

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    Whoa, we have the same name, lol.

    I am a fan of both; they are both fantastic book series, but I prefer Harry Potter.

    I personally think that HP has ore imagination than the Hunger Games, but that's just me.

    J.K. Rowling and Suzanne Collins are both amazing authors, no argument there.

    Oh, and if people say that Harry Potter is for "gay n1ggas" and kids, its simply because they haven't read it and probably don't have a high enough IQ to comprehend it.

    Source(s): I've read them.
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    lol why would you post this again? Nobody cared about your other post to answer other then me and one other person.

    What I said before.

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    Idk maybe cuz HP is fo gay n1gg4z

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