What is wrong with my Line 6 Spider IV amp?

whenever i put my amp on the clean mode, the effects turn on even though both the knobs are on off. I have to turn the effects on and then off again to get them to turn off. What am i doing wrong?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Ok, spider's are module amplifiers meaning they are modled after someone recording on them. This also means the effects are basically saved so that when you go back to a module (or channel. ex. clean, crunch, insane, etc.) the same effects will still be there. You technically cannot turn the save mode off because if you could you would turn it on and have to reset your settings (which is what you do on Tube Amps). If you want this feature OFF (as in go to clean, crunch, etc. with no effects on) go to the clean channel and turn all the effects to off so that the effects do not make sound when you play. Than change the amp settings to whatever you like. Such as Treble- 5, Bass- 6, Drive- 5, etc. Once you get a sound you like, press and hold the clean button until it blinks. This means that the clean settings have been set to save what you just did when you go to clean. Be aware you can always change these settings again and again, and you have to do this for all 4 channels if you want the effects all off when you go to that channel. If you ever want the amp to return to factory settings, turn the amp off and than hold the clean button. Continue holding the clean button and switch the amp on. This will reset all settings for all of the channels.

    Source(s): Line 6 Spider III owner. E-mail me if you have anymore questions
  • manza
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    4 years ago

    Line 6 Spider Iv 75 Manual

  • 9 years ago

    Although I do not own line 6 amps, what comes to my mind is read your manual and see if you have a manual and preset mode, most amps of this type have them such as Marshall MG 4 which I own. The main reason I own the Marshall is because they are easy amps to work with and more importantly I would rather build my own tone than play through "rockstar presets". What may be great for another may not be great for you

  • Snes
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    9 years ago

    Just turn the effects knob to "Reverb"

    then the light should stop blinking

    then turn the knob back to "Off"

    Source(s): I have a Line 6 Spider III
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