Will there be any snow in Truckee in Feb/early march?

Im taking a friend and her kids to truckee/tahoe in about a month, and they've never seen snow. We wanted to do some sledding or tubing or at least a snowball fight! Should be wait till next year? Thx so much:-)

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    9 years ago
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    Well, nobody can predict the weather. I live in Truckee and there is some snow on the ground but nothing like usual. February and March are the snowiest months in Tahoe so there should be some snow.

    It's up to you guys, there is always snow up at the ski resorts that is man-made. The area should be getting a snow storm next week, so what I would recommend doing is checking the weather reports when you get closer to the date your planning coming up.

    Try video.dot.ca.gov before you plan on heading up. They have great live webcams of the area.

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