Most overrated players in FMF?

Most overrated player:






Most Underrated player:






BQ: Who do you guys think will be the surprise in the liguilla this year?

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    GK: Oswaldo Sanchez ill admit he's good but sometimes he doesnt even try to block the ball EX: Mexico vs Brazil he didnt do anything marcelo's goal

    DF: Oswaldo Vizcarrondo they made a big deal about him coming to America honestly he's just another dirty player the FMF doesnt need

    MD: Marco Fabian ever since his goals vs Barcelona Chivas fans would never stfu about his goals against the footballing titans they were good but los Culès used players from the reserves and had Pinto as the keeper (he sucks) Fabian is good but people swear that he's a titan de futbol

    ST: Rafael Marquez Lugo people say that he's a great footballer but hes unconsistent like Juan Carlos Cacho

    DT: hmm...ill go with Tomas Boy i just dont really like him


    GK: Moises Muñoz he doesnt really get as much credit as he deserves

    DF: Ivan Estrada this guy deserves to be called up

    MF: Naelson Sinha hes good but people dont really like to look at him as an icon they just see him as a rundown old player

    ST: Elias Hernandez another guy that deserves to be called up

    DT: Ojitos Mesa A technical genious has gotten cruz Azul to a bunch of finals his players just fail to perform i highly consider him as one of the best technicos in the league and in Fmf history

    BQ: idk i keep thinking Toluca will take the liguilla by storm

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Most overrated player:

    GK: Luis Ernesto Michel

    DF: Marco Antonio Palacios

    MD: Daniel Emmanul Ludueña

    ST: Erik Torres

    DT: Victor Manuel Vucetich

    Most Underrated player:

    GK: Cirilo Saucedo

    DF: Jorge Ivan Estrada

    MD: Joao Rojas

    ST: Edgar Gerardo Lugo

    DT: Efrain Flores

    BQ: Tijuana they are doing good right now with el Turco all he needs right now is some consistency because he hasn't won in the last 2 weeks but overall he'll get the team to their 1st liguilla.

    Source(s): @juan people talk to much about him like he's better than Ochoa or the best GK of Mexico right now but he has yet to make an impact with Mexico.
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Most overrated player:

    GK: Luis Michel he got exposed so bad in Copa America pendejo couldnt hold on to the ball he stinks who gets scored on 3 times by Venezuela? lol

    DF: Edgar Duenas sucks still gets called up

    MD: Issac Brizuela sucks & still gets called up for the pre olympics

    ST Omar Bravo

    DT: Tuca Ferreti hasnt won shitt in international levels as coach

    Most Underrated player:

    GK: Jonathan Orozco won a lot of silverware like Memo Ochoa IN FMF but doesnt get called up I see him following Ochoa's footsteps to Europe

    DF: Efrain Velarde

    MD: Edgar Gerardo Lugo

    ST: Elias Hernandez

    DT: the Atlante coach

    BQ: America

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  • 8 years ago

    Most overrated player:

    GK: enrique palos


    MD: luduena


    bq- atlante

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  • 8 years ago

    GK Talavera

    DF ??

    MD ??

    ST Cubo Torres

    Dt Osorio


    Gk Saucedo

    DF Ayala

    MD Salinas

    St ??

    Dt Cardozo

    ^ how on earth is Ambriz the most underrated Dt lmao

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  • 8 years ago

    QW: Orozco

    DF Paul Aguilar

    MD Luduena

    ST:Cubo Torres

    DT:Thomas Boy

    GK Liborio Sanchez

    DF Hugo Ayala

    MD Ricardo Bocanegra

    ST Chuleta Orozco

    DT Ambriz

    BQ Sanchez again

    @ saints lol I couldn't think of anyone but he did great with San Luis no one remembers

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  • Overrated:





    Topo valenzuela

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  • juan
    Lv 6
    8 years ago


    1 reason Michel is overrated ??

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