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When is Scotland going to become independent?

Its no doubt that they will vote for it. But when?


Everyone in Great Britain will suffer. It would be grossly insane to break up the Union.

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    I believe Scotland should not become independent and hopefully there are others who believe too.

    While Scotland might not be fully in control of its own matters I think it should remain part of the United Kingdom.

    Independence wouldn’t be the answer to our problems but it might happen within this decade.

    If we separated from the UK, Edinburgh alone wouldn’t get 11 billion pounds a year and we would be no longer be funded billions of pounds that the Westminster gives us, including an education budget. The new Scottish government would openly dismiss the idea of student fees leaving Scotland to go in a financial problem and eventually have to bring in the fees along with the troubles it will bring from the unemployed youths.

    Those preferring independence would debate that my points about financial crises is incorrect as the country has access to oil.

    But how long is that going to last? Oil is running out. And fast. Even though the prices are getting higher, civilians can no longer afford it to fuel their vehicles.

    Yes, independence might be fine for a couple of years. But it will soon come obliterating down as the supplies finally drown.

    And what about the Kyoto Protocol? We signed it in the hopes of building a better future and promising to decrease our carbon footprint. Wouldn’t our words of an eco-friendlier place become hollow and empty if Scotland was known for its temporary oil riches.

    The economic case for Scotland independence is unravelling bit by bit and I say we should vote against Scottish independence as it is easier to prevent mass-debt than to clean up the problems afterwards.

    Three credit agencies believe Scotland will not be able to retain the Triple A status that the UK currently have.

    The gold standard means borrowers can usually secure a loan at lower interest rates, as there is much less risk that the money will not be repaid. If an independent Scotland failed to reach the grade, it could push up borrowing costs for the government, making debt harder to sell meaning ministers will have less cash to spend on roads, schools and hospitals.

    The Triple A grade is the highest a company or country can receive and if an independent Scotland was downgraded by the ‘bond vigilantes’, it could mean we would be spending more on borrowing and less on what the country needs.

    Do we really want that? I can safely say for all of us that we don’t want our country to be slipping into a down-turn economic crisis.

    Being independent will mean we’ll have to change our passports, our currency and our wealth status. Wouldn’t be easier to just with status quo as even though it may not be fully democratic we are the 7th biggest economic country in the world.

    I hope this helps and I hope scotland will not become independent.

    Source(s): My knowledge, Newspapers, Debates I've had on this topic, Modern Studies classes.
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    Why would anyone in Great Britain suffer? And if Great Britain suffers,who cares? Scotland deserves its independence,just as other nations taken by force do.

    If history shows us anything,it is often the countries being given their independence that suffer,if they fail to prepare.


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    I think Scotland shouldnt be independent as we have more freedom to go there without a passport.

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