MW3: Infected mode. Throwing knife?

Ive only recently been playing the infected mode for MW3 and for the most part I really love it! But there are a couple of things that are ruining it for me.

Mainly the throwing knifes, they make it way too easy for the infected side. I know that the purpose of the throwing knife was to flush out the campers and stop people from boosting(Which is fine!) .But even when I run around the map people still use them as a range attack that really wrecks the game.

It encourages the infected to work on there own. Before the throwing knifes, people had rush in huge numbers in order to win. But now anyone with good aim work on there own.

Without throwing knifes the games would last a lot longer like 5 minutes now they barely last 2 because the Tknife makes it too easy.

About the whole boosting thing. If the K/D and MOABS were removed from infected I really dont think boosting would have been a problem.

Thats just my opinion, what do you think?

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    8 years ago
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    Well its good because in Mission for example on that annoying roof you can just throw one throwing knife and get like triple kills which encourages humans to hide instead of being in the open. But its annoying because some infected throw throwing knives in the windows of buildings that killed me when I was on the staircase which is extremely unrealistic. Also infected are meant to be zombies not fricking zombies carrying throwing knives. Its kind of bad as well coz your never calm when your camping your always stressed in case a noob throws a knife at you. But on the other hand theres plenty of modes that don't have throwing knife e.g: Mp5 vs nomal knife AA12 vs normal knife and most hard Juggernaut zombies with normal knives vs humans with mk46s so overall its sh**

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